Cancel Culture Podcast: Fighting Cancel Culture

Exploring cancel culture and what it means in today's society.

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episode 67: Kid Rock, E3, Covid, Manifest and Batman

Let's say this is the one about Batman, twerking stories and the world going back to normal.  Sponsored by MANSCAPED:  - CODE: SANDERS 20 



episode 66: Seth Rogen and Chris Brown

In todays episode we address where I've been, Seth Rogen's comments and Chris Brown dancing away from Cancel Culture.  Sponsored by MANSCAPED:  - CODE: SANDERS 20 



episode 65: Chris Pratt, Morgan Wallen, My Ex and The Hulk

Todays episode is a cancelation trifecta, plus I'll get a little personal.  Sponsored by Coldest Giveaway: Shop The Coldest Water: Use Promo Code " CS10 " ...


 2021-02-06  22m

episode 64: Donald Trump Impeached Again

Oh boy! Speaking on Cancel Culture and Donald Trump being impeached, again.  Sponsored by Coldest Giveaway: Shop The Coldest Water: Use Promo Code " CS10 "...


 2021-01-13  25m

episode 63: Ice Cube Loves Donald Trump

Is Ice Cube really working with the Trump administration? Is the once infamous NWA member and now movie star cancelled due to political affiliation or is the cancel culture echo chamber jumping the gun yet again? This week's episode explores what happens...


 2020-10-26  20m

episode 62: Kanye West and Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon interviewed Kanye West, can these two cancelled superstars save each other or did they just make things worse? Let's talk cancel culture and what it really means to be a "sellout". WARNING: Things get a little political.    Sponsored by nerdg...


 2020-09-09  20m

episode 61: LeafyisHere and Free Speech on the Internet

Recently Leafyishere (an infamous YouTube Troll) was cancelled by YouTube for harassment, destroying his entire legacy in one fell swoop. Was this right? Are there bigger implications to freedom of speech? Does free speech exist on the internet any more ...


 2020-08-25  20m

episode 60: Aunt Jemima & Black History (Feat My Parents)

My parents join me to discuss the cancelation of Aunt Jemima. A must listen if you want to understand life before civil rights and why Aunt Jemima as a character is a problematic artifact. 


 2020-06-23  48m

episode 59: George Floyd & R Kelly

A discussion about R Kelly being cancelled by the black community and what it's like to be black in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the worlds collective response.  Rioting, Protests, Looting and what can we do to march toward equality. 


 2020-06-15  1h58m

episode 58: Dating During Quarantine aka THE FINAL EPISODE - Feat Ashley Brianna Ep 29

Ashley Brianna of Safe Haven in the City joins us for our final episode... on dating during the quarantine. So about that final episode thing. We're rebranding. Listen for more details! Check out Ashley --  Instagram


 2020-06-10  53m