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Join us as we lick our blades, banter and ramble on, and provide in depth reviews of some of our favorite (and not so favorite) Anime, Kaiju, Martial Arts, Chambara, and Asian films. You can find out more about our show, all of our previous episodes, and our show notes at our blog:

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#62: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006)

We review the 2006 anime film The Girl Who Leapt Through Time from director Mamoru Hosoda: a delightful coming of age comedy / drama loosely based on a story by Paprika writer Yasutaka TsuiTsui about a teen-aged girl named Makoto who discovers she has the ability to quite literally leap through time. Review (25:45) Twitter Questions (1:27:58)



#61: Hero (2002)

Daryl Surat, writer for Otaku USA Magazine and host of the Anime World Order Podcast, joins us on this special "regular" episode for a long chat about stuff we've been watching, Chinese action films (and their perpetual mistreatment by western companies), and for a review of Zhang Yimou's utterly majestic wuxia drama, Hero (2002), starring Jet Li, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi, and Donnie Yen. Review (44:45) Twitter Questions (2:40:50)


 2020-01-18  n/a

#60: Tokyo Godfathers

We ring in the New Year with a review of Satoshi Kon's somewhat overlooked Christmas film, Tokyo Godfathers (2003): an animated comedy about three homeless people on a quest to reunite an abandoned baby with its parents that, through a series of wildly improbable, yet seasonally appropriate, coincidences and several generous sprinklings of movie magic, carries with it the promise of salvation for all.   Review (41:05) Twitter Questions (1:50:02)


 2020-01-02  n/a

Team B #3: Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

Download (right click and save as) iTunes | Google Play Music | Stitcher | E-mail | Twitter Once again proving they are a danger to themselves, BLT Team B willingly dive head first into the pit of darkness that is Holiday themed B-Movies and emerge, bloodied and maimed, with a review of arguably the most well-known … Continue reading Team B #3: Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 →


 2019-12-24  n/a

Spotlight#9: Fan Work with Gabi and Scarlet

On today's Spotlight episode, Grant chats with Gabi (@yamineftis) and Scarlet (@scarlet_simply) about creating fan art, writing fan fiction, and doing cosplay of their favorite works.


 2019-12-19  n/a

#59: Rage of Bahamut Genesis

We review the 2014 fantasy adventure series Rage of Bahamut: Genesis from studio MAPPA and Tiger and Bunny director Keiichi Sato, loosely based on the mobile card game by Japanese developer Cygames. Review (29:56) Twitter Questions (1:38:30)


 2019-11-29  n/a

#58: The Happiness of the Katakuris

It's the annual Blade Licking Thieves Halloween episode, so, of course, as seems to have become something of a tradition for the show, that means we're reviewing yet another Takashi Miike film. This time we're watching the joyfully bizarre, genre mashup that's part family drama, part dark comedy, part musical, and many parts absurd: The Happiness of the Katakuris. Enjoy the show! Review (42:49)


 2019-10-31  n/a

#57: Red Cliff Part I & II

In 2008, after a relatively successful stint in Hollywood, John Woo returned to Chinese-language features with Red Cliff Part I & II, a two part epic adapted from arguably the most famous novel in Chinese literature, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Tune in to hear Grant's book report on that 1400 page tome along with our thoughts on this nearly five hour film series.


 2019-10-19  n/a

#56: Survive Style 5+

There's nothing quite like Survive Style 5+. With an unusual narrative of five interweaving stories, off the wall humor, tripped out art direction, and an all around odd sensibility to it, this debut film from commercial and music video director Gen Sekiguchi feels just as fresh and exciting today as it did in 2004 the year of its release. You don't want to spoil this one for yourself -- please go watch the film first, then listen to the review. Enjoy!


 2019-09-28  n/a

Team B #2: Yor, the Hunter from the Future

Life keeps finding ways to delay the release of our next show (the Survive Style 5+ episode should be out by end of next week, I promise), but thankfully BLT Team B is here to fill the void with a short review of the truly terrible: Yor: The Hunter from the Future. I apologize in advance to anyone that tracks down this movie because of us. Please don't do that.


 2019-09-21  n/a