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#71: Infini-T Force: Farewell, Friend

Classic Tatsunoko super heroes return in this cross dimensional, team up film follow up to the 2017 CG animated Infini-T Force series by Tatsunoko and Digital Frontier studios. Tune in for the full review of Infini-T Force: Farewell, Friend!



Team B #9: Jack Frost (1997 aka the snowman slasher film)

Not satisfied with reviewing just one Jack Frost movie this season -- oh no, not this Christmas buster! -- the Team B crew had to go and review two of them. For your listening pleasure, here's Jack Frost (1997) a.k.a. the snowman slasher film.


 2020-12-25  n/a

Team B #8: Jack Frost

Team B review Jack Frost (1998): the Michael Keaton film in which he plays a neglectful father and musician who, after dying in a fatal automobile accident, is given one last chance to make things right when his son summons him back to life (using a magical harmonica he gifted him on the eve of his death) as wisecracking, fun-loving snowman - Oh Joy!


 2020-12-19  n/a

#70: The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming this evening to bring you a scream filled night of ghouls, ghosts, vampires, and kung fu. *Record Scratch* You heard me! On tonight's Blade Licking Thieves spooktacular we're watching the 1974 Hammer Films and Shaw Brothers co-production, The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, in which Hammer Films regular, Peter Cushing (a.k.a...


 2020-10-31  n/a

Team B #7: Dog Soldiers

Team B are back at it once again: enduring the pain, so we don't have to. This episode they're taking a bite out of director Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers (2002). It's an action / horror film about a group of soldiers on a rescue mission that's about to go horribly wrong -- when werewolves attack!


 2020-10-19  n/a

#69: Cat Soup / One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

Our series of donation funded listener requests continues with a Blade Licking Thieves' double feature! First, we have a review of Tatsuo Sato and Masaaki Yuasa's short, surreal and slightly twisted 2001 OVA, Cat Soup, based on the manga by the late Nekojiro...


 2020-10-04  n/a

Team B #6: Escape from New York

Ultra cool grouch and Hideo Kojima love interest Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) has twenty four hours to rescue the President of the United States from the world’s largest maximum security prison, New York City.  Tune in to find out whether Snake is a bad enough dude to save the president as BLT Team B check out John Carpenter’s cult classic Escape from New York (1981).


 2020-08-19  n/a

#68: Pacific Rim

We’re kicking off our series of listener requested episodes with Guillermo Del Toro’s lover letter to the Kaiju and Mecha genres: Pacific Rim! So, tune in, enter the drift with us, and let’s cancel the apocalypse! Review (17:14) Twitter Questions (1:42:05 )


 2020-08-03  n/a

Team B #5: Color Out of Space

BLT Team B review Color Out of Space, writer-director Richard Stanley's new film adaptation of the classic H.P. Lovecraft horror short story, featuring the latest and greatest advancements in CAGE RAGE™ technology.


 2020-07-23  n/a

#67: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY.    That's it.  That's the blurb.  Review (43:13)


 2020-07-02  n/a