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Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Empathy And Education Are Core Values For Accessibility at AudioEye

We last caught up with AudioEye on the CSUNATC19 Exhibit Hall floor with news of their advancement into the kiosk access space. The internet has evolved a lot in the 2+ years since that interview and that is where J.J. starts with Dominic Varacalli, President, of AudioEye. The pair discuss the hot button topic of overlays, user testing and how the company is educating their customers to understand that access is a journey rather than a one and done service environment...


 2021-09-28  15m

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: A Return To Form For Earl Harrison And The HIMS BrailleSense 6

It has been a long time since we ve welcomed back Earl Harrison, and HIMS, to our BBQ convention coverage microphones. A lot has happened since ATIA20, and a lot has happened to Earl specifically. JJ chats with Earl Harrison, National Account Manager for HIMS, about his return to the company after a scary bout with the virus in November of 2020. The pair then move along to a deep dive of the newly announced BrailleSense 6 notetaker...


 2021-09-10  31m

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Feel The Things That Are Too Small Or Tall To Touch With See3d

The most articulate person in the world probably could not accurately describe a Despicable Me Minion character in great detail. Or at least not at a level that could be discerned at a quality that rivals the act of holding one in your hands. Caroline Karbowski, CEO and Founder of See3d, and Ian Matty, Manager Mountain Lakes Public Library Makerspace, sit down with J.J. to talk about how their organization lets people 3d print cartoon characters and so much more...


 2021-08-07  24m

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: 2021 An Audio Description Oddessy With Judy Dixon

So, the title of this interview infers that there will be some discussion of audio description within this conversation. And there is, we promise. But can you really blame J.J. for being nostalgic when talking to the author of more than 14 NBP


 2021-06-29  25m

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Feeling Magnetic With Creative Arts And TouchPad Pro

The Etch A Sketch and Spirograph are some of the most successful toys available for introducing young people to the world of art. However, there are not many touch friendly equivalents for those searching for a tactile based option that would offer a similar experience to those classic toys. Daniel Seth Lubiner, Founder and CEO, and Brian K...


 2021-06-11  n/a

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: 9 + 1 Questions = Steven Scott Talking Tech

Steven Scott proudly proclaims to J.J. that he is indeed a "serial podcaster" during this interview. And it is hard to disagree with that statement when you consider the circumstances that led him to the place he finds himself with his career so far. Hear, or read the transcript below, as Steven regales J.J. with highlights from his more than 20 years of speaking into a microphone. Plus learn what is next for the RNIB, Double Tap and all-around Blind guy who talks tech...


 2021-06-04  57m

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Jobs For Humanity Are Building Bridges To Employment

Blind and Visually Impaired job seekers often must play a guessing game when it comes to the determination if a possible employment avenue will fit within their specific needs for access. That is why J.J. was eager to sit down with Roy Baladi, Founder at Jobs for Humanity, to explore how his organization is looking to build healthy bridges between employers and those interested in employment...


 2021-05-20  12m

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Fable Gives Product Testing Power to the People

J.J. notes at the top of this interview that the BBQast rarely interviews people within the Remediation and Testing sector of A.T. unless the subject of the interview stands out in a very crowded field. That is why he sat down with Samuel Proulx, Accessibility Evangelist for Fable, to discuss their unique approach to commercially available User Centric testing. In this chat you can hear how A.T...


 2021-04-29  27m

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Increase Your Productivity With Vispero's Updated Background Reader

There are products on the market that are so well recognized for what they do that they truly need no introduction to fans of this podcast. But even long-time users of a phentermine for sale product might not be aware some aspects of their favorite Assistive Technology can undergo a slight change during a yearly release cycle...


 2021-04-16  26m

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Brailliant BI X Marks The Spot For Humanware

Our virtual convention coverage is in full swing, with a deep dive into the happenings at Humanware. Joining J.J. in the simulated Exhibit Hall is Peter Tucic, Blindness Products Brand Ambassador, for his first interview in front of the BBQast microphones. The pair discuss all the features in the new Brailliant BI 20X and 40x units along with how they differ from the APH models. They then turn their attention to the Victor Reader Trek and its most recent GPS update...


 2021-04-10  55m