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AOC vs. Pelosi (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Labor Secretary Acosta resigns in midst of Epstein scandal ... How being an attorney general can come back to haunt a politician ... Has Biden stopped the bleeding? ... AOC vs. Pelosi ... Who will AOC endorse? ... Why Matt is rooting for Pelosi ... Bill: Primary chaos now doesn't mean primary chaos later ...



Black American Culture and the Racial Wealth Gap (Glenn Loury & Coleman Hughes)

Coleman’s essay, “Black American Culture and the Racial Wealth Gap” ... Is America’s present-day wealth built on slavery? ... Coleman: People attribute too much causal power to racist policies ... How to quantify “black culture” ... Coleman: We should stop focusing on racial disparities ... Glenn: Social remedies should be implemented on individual, not racial, terms ...



This Is Your Life (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

John's next two books, a history of English and a book on profanity ... Who is hurt when we violate language taboos? ... Glenn on writing his memoir: "The truth hurts" ... Three key turning points in Glenn's life ... Glenn's break with the right (and his friends on the right) ... Do conservative intellectuals care about black people? ... Thinking about the black woman who doesn't make partner at her NYC law firm ...



Matt Addresses His Detractors (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

July the Second, America’s true birthday ... How are conservatives reacting to Trump’s move on North Korea? ... Bill: Biden’s electability is about perceived strength against Trump ... Why Matt distrusts early polling of Dem voters ... The Busing Question ... Matt formally endorses Andrew Yang ... Why did Matt get “ratioed” on Twitter? ... What could Biden say to win Matt’s vote? ...



Authors Behaving Badly (Kat Rosenfield & Phoebe Maltz Bovy)

Kat's new audiobook, in collaboration with Stan Lee, A Trick of Light ... The author who became unduly obsessed with her online critic ... Trolling cloaked in the language of social justice ... Blythe Harris, mega-troll ... The "here is my wretchedness on display" genre of personal essay ... The author who lost her book contract after a single tweet ... A final debunking of the personal finance myth about lattes ... Phoebe makes the case against "investment clothing" ...



Biden and Kamala Face Off (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Bill and Matt agree: Kamala’s risky play paid off ... Kamala’s success: talent, prep, or luck? ... Matt: Biden is out of touch with his party ... Will radical left rhetoric on immigration help Trump in 2020? ... Can Biden recover? ... Bill’s latest piece, “What Would Bernie Bomb?” ...



Young Radicals in the Age of Trump (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Robby Soave)

Robby's new book, Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump ... Aryeh's meta-critique of reporting about college students ... Why are so many college students acting so fragile? ... The good and the bad of intersectionality ... How did the ideology of intersectionality spread so quickly? ... Do colleges view students as customers who are always right? ... The rise and possible fall of no-platforming ... Sexual assault on campus, Title IX, and #MeToo .....



What a War With Iran Would Look Like (Robert Wright & Ilan Goldenberg)

What would a war with Iran look like? ... Ilan: The recent attacks on tankers were "almost definitely" Iranian ... How tit-for-tat attacks could spiral into war ... Bob: Trump is abusing America's central role in the global financial system ... What happens after the 2020 election? ... Signs that hardliners are winning the argument within Iran ... Debating whether Iran is a uniquely bad actor in the Middle East ...



The Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas (Glenn Loury & Scott Gerber)

Scott's book, First Principles: The Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas ... The influence of the Declaration of Independence on the Constitution ... Does Thomas want to invalidate the administrative state? ... Why Thomas cares about desegregation more than integration ... Does it matter what slave owners like Thomas Jefferson thought about liberty? ... Thurgood Marshall vs. Thomas on the Constitution ... Thomas's views on voting rights ... Jefferson, Lincoln, King, Thomas? ...



The Invincible Gaffe Machine (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Do conservatives ever satirize themselves? ... Lessons from politics: Never apologize ... Is Biden in danger of losing black voters? ... Matt wonders if Bernie and Warren are too similar for comfort ... Were AOC’s "concentration camp" comments beyond the pale? ...