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Biden, Trump, and Sharpton (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

Why Biden is getting a bad rap on race ... John: "Our smarter white people are 'woker' than most black people" ... Why doesn't a Democratic candidate push back? ... Does Trump want us to call him a racist? ... Glenn and John return to their great debate: Is Trump stupid? ... Glenn: Trump has "got a point about Elijah Cummings's district" ... Putting Al Sharpton in the dock ...



Short and Sweet Debate Review (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Bill: The candidates should all be praising Obama ... Matt: Delaney, Tulsi, and Yang did well ... Why can't Biden get no respect? ... Is Biden a man more sinned against than sinning? ...



When Brands Come Alive (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Nathan Allebach)

How Nathan used @steak_umm to revolutionize marketing on Twitter ... Weird Twitter vs. @steak_umm ... The complicated role that irony plays on Brand Twitter ... The bizarre trend of brands insulting potential customers ... Nathan wrestles with the ethics of advertising ... A brief history of Brand Twitter ... Nathan's massively viral tweet thread on Millennial mental health ... Twitter's crazy risk/reward ratio ... Nathan offers Bloggingheads some social media advice ...



The Case for a Liberal Nationalism (Robert Wright & Yael Tamir)

Yael’s new book, Why Nationalism ... What is nationalism? ... Yael: US liberals need to focus their messaging on the social contract ... How to demilitarize the language of nationalism ... Will the workers of the world ever unite? ... Is Israel an avowedly ethno-nationalist state? ... Yael: The lines between right and left are blurring ...



A Love Letter to Big Business (Glenn Loury & Tyler Cowen)

Tyler's new book, Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero ... The case against splitting up the big tech companies ... Tyler: CEOs largely deserve their high pay ... Is campaign finance overrated? ... Tyler: Advertising is a good thing ... The public's (possibly justified) disillusionment with economists ... Tyler's economic studies of fame and cultural appropriation ... Why are some cultures more successful than others? ...



The Plight of the Men (Kat Rosenfield & Phoebe Maltz Bovy)

Jane Mayer's controversial New Yorker article about Al Franken ... Phoebe: We need to differentiate "gross but not evil" behavior ... Claudia Rankine's unusual essay on white male privilege ... Does the privilege framework make sense out of the classroom? ... An art exhibit presents an escape room with a twist of privilege ... In praise of the viral personal essay "The Crane Wife" ... Recommendations for further reading ...



Mueller’s Last Stand (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Parenting and the politics of pop culture ... Did Mueller’s testimony help the case for impeachment? ... The symbolic value of the testimony ... The DMZ is Team Pelosi ... Biden’s aggressive primary strategy ... Bill: Biden, Harris, and Booker have pragmatism in common ...



Trump, Ilhan Omar, Israel, and Iran (Robert Wright & Eli Lake)

Is Boris Johnson like Trump but in on the joke? ... Eli says it was dumb for Trump to pick a fight with the Squad ... The Mueller report and liberal xenophobia ... Was Ilhan Omar’s "Benjamins" comment anti-Semitic? ... Is the left unduly obsessed with Israel? ... Eli: The MAGA people who hate Omar probably hate Jews too ... Bob worries about the weakness of the Democratic presidential field ... Bob vs. Eli on America vs. Iran ... Eli: Dictatorships are inherently unstable ...



Remembering Mark Kleiman (Glenn Loury & Mark Kleiman)

Glenn remembers Mark, who passed away on Sunday ... Glenn and Mark talk crime and punishment ... Mark: Few people in social services consider crime prevention to be part of their mission ... Glenn and Mark debate the merits of "stop and frisk" in NYC ... Mark reviews his research on crime prevention ... Why aren't Mark's methods politically popular? ... Glenn challenges Mark on the moral aspects of his theory of crime reduction ...



Special Crossover Edition (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Glenn Loury)

Affirmative action and the college admissions scandal ... Jock and Man at Yale ... What money can't (and can) buy ... Considering class-based affirmative action ... Does it matter that Trump is an immoral person? ... Is racism at the center of the border crisis? ... Whatever happened to the domestic neoconservatives? ... Why Republicans stopped caring about cities ... The GOP after Trump ...