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A Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo (Robert Wright & Marcy Wheeler)

Was last week’s batch of court filings good news for Trump? (Hint: No.) ... Marcy: Discussions over a Moscow Trump Tower lasted a suspiciously long time ... What if the Trump Organization is indicted? What would that mean for Trump? ... Possible dimensions of a Trump-Russia quid pro quo ... The Trump campaign, Cambridge Analytica, the DNC hacks, and other dots to connect ... Will forthcoming evidence implicate Trump himself? ... What lies ahead for Julian Assange? .....


 2018-12-11  1h23m

Race, Nationalism, and Marijuana (Glenn Loury & Matt Ward)

Why is Glenn associated with the Intellectual Dark Web? ... Harvard and affirmative action ... How to make black students more competitive ... Will genetic engineering worsen income inequality? ... Is nationalism inherently white? ... Where science and political correctness meet ... Glenn’s thoughts on marijuana legalization ... Automation, universal basic income, and idle former workers ...


 2018-12-09  1h4m

Too Old for 2020? (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Should we dance on George H.W. Bush’s grave? ... Why the left rejects national unity and bipartisanship ... Matt: The only way to beat Trump is to “out-cool” him ... Will experience be a disadvantage in 2020? ... Can Elizabeth Warren return to her rural roots? ...


 2018-12-07  55m

Gender Transitions, Identity, and Catpeople (Kat Rosenfield & Katie Herzog)

Andrea Long Chu's controversial op-ed, "My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy" ... The non-medical complications of gender confirmation surgery ... Katie: "People want shit that's bad for them" ... Are young people too wrapped up in gender identity? ... Tomboys and catpeople ... Your census form is not you ...


 2018-12-05  39m

Evolutionary Psychology and #MeToo (Robert Wright & Diana Fleischman)

What evolutionary psychology says about men and women ... Bob: Evolutionary psychology isn’t inherently right wing ... The Kavanaugh hearings ... Diana's critique of #MeToo ... When men misread women’s social signals ... Have some evolutionary psychologists moved to the right? ... Diana: Women should be taught the art of rebuffing men ...


 2018-12-04  1h19m

Pelosi and the "Green New Deal" (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Matt tells Republicans not to dismiss Mueller out of hand ... Would congressional Republicans ever turn on Trump? ... Matt: Nancy Pelosi is still pretty sharp ... Why Pelosi “has the institution’s back” ... Bill breaks down the speakership voting process ... What exactly does a "Green New Deal" entail? ...


 2018-12-01  44m

Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Star Wars (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Daniel Kaufman)

What ever happened to Generation X? ... Cataloging what made Millennials the way they are ... The secret connection between Boomers and Millennials ... Dan explains why Gen X is more apolitical ... Bad Millennials vs. Good Millennials ... Assessing the state of Star Wars ... The surprising reason why Dan came to like The Last Jedi ... Aryeh argues in favor of the democratization of the Force ... The many sins of Solo ...


 2018-11-30  1h21m

The Second Coming (Glenn Loury & John McWhorter)

John on his recent controversial Glenn Show appearance ... Glenn reacts to seeing Hamilton on Broadway ... What's the future of heterodox black thought? ... Assessing the effect of Black Lives Matter ... Will race always be a central part of black people's self-conceptions? ... Glenn foretells the end of identity politics ...


 2018-11-28  58m

Is Trump Still a Populist? (Robert Wright & Mickey Kaus)

What’s the real reason Trump is appeasing Mohammad bin Salman? ... Mickey: The establishment keeps Trump’s authoritarian tendencies in check ... Why Congress hasn’t given Trump his border wall ... Media tribalism and Max Boot’s miracle conversion ... Which Democratic presidential candidates does the GOP fear? ... Give Trump some credit for illuminating Middle American despair ...


 2018-11-27  1h22m

The Tyranny of "Basic" White Women (Phoebe Maltz Bovy & Kat Rosenfield)

Is the “affirmative consent” script an overcorrection? ... When consensual acts are redefined after the fact ... The trouble with bringing “oppressor-oppressed” politics into personal relationships ... The ultimate oppressors: White women with middlebrow tastes? ... The 53% of white women who should have known better, or something ... Why are white women on Instagram donning blackface? ...


 2018-11-21  1h10m