Bloody Blunts Cinema Club

Welcome to the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club! In this podcast, creative artist DeVaughn Taylor (me writing this) celebrates his favorite horror & genre films while burning heaps of the Devil's Lettuce. Not only discussing what he loves about certain films, but what sub-genres make that particular film work. This podcast also split its time between intimate solo episodes and episodes featuring filmmakers & creators from the horror community. New episodes every Tuesday: so take a hit and pass that spooky shit!

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MAY & JENNIFER'S BODY ft. Chandlar Bullock: Love Sick Vol. 3 (BBCC #43)

Welcome back to the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club sins of the flesh are encouraged! This week, we're getting naughty in the oughts talking May (2002) and Jennifer's Body (2009). Something Ghoulish and Morbid Beauty writer and YouTuber Chandlar Bullock joins me to continue our conversation on not only love, but on relationships and the yearning desire for human connection everyone desperately craves...


 2021-02-19  2h1m

THE LOVE WITCH ft. Nyx Fears' May Leitz: Love Sick Vol. 2 (BBCC #42)

Happy Valentine's Day, you beautiful bastards! It's time to spotlight one of my all-time favorite films: The Love Witch! I'm joined by Horror Creator May Leitz (Nyx Fears on YouTube) to spread love all over this movie, while shining a critical light on our flawed femme fatalé Elaine Parks. Take a hit and pass that spooky shit! New episodes every Tuesday (usually)! Coming up this week. we're taking a look at MAY and JENNIFER'S BODY. Subscribe now! Stalk May on social media: https://twitter...


 2021-02-12  1h33m

SPRING & HORNS ft. Ryan Larson: Love Sick Vol. 1 (BBCC #41)

Welcome to February aka LOVE SICK month as we take a look at horror movies examining sex, love, and relationships. Kicking things off chatting SPRING and HORNS with Ryan Larson: two films that explore the relationship between love and grief. Take a hit and pass that spooky shit! New episodes every Tuesday! Next week we shine a spotlight on THE LOVE WITCH. Subscribe so you don't miss an episode! Stalk Ryan on social media: (Twitter) https://www.patreon...


 2021-02-02  1h20m

CURE & SUICIDE CLUB ft. Mary Beth McAndrews: Japanuary Vol. 4 (BBCC #40)

It's almost time to return home to America as we close out Japanuary here on the podcast! I'm joined by Scarred For Life co-host Mary Beth McAndrews to talk a couple strange J-Horror hidden gems in "Cure" and "Suicide Club", exploring the internet/tech horror connections and attempt to explain what actually happens in these movies. Take a hit and pass that spooky shit! New episodes every Tuesday! Next week, we start our Lovesick month talking SPRING and HORNS...


 2021-01-26  1h36m

THE RINGU TRILOGY ft. Tyler Liston: Japanuary Vol. 3 (BBCC #39)

We're still trucking through Japanuary and it's time to dive into one of J-Horror's most iconic franchises: RINGU! Joining me is writer and We Are Horror co-founder Tyler Liston, as we break down the intricacies of the film series: its various forms of media, what made the films ripe for American remake, and the sub-genres at play. New episodes every Tuesday! Next week, we close out Japanuary with CURE and SUICIDE SQUAD. Make sure you're subscribed! Stalk Tyler on social media: https://twitter...


 2021-01-22  1h46m

JU-ON: THE GRUDGE & THE GRUDGE ft. Dani Bethea: Japanuary Vol. 2 (BBCC #38)

Alright, time for a proper J-Horror introduction with my first time watch of the original Ju-On: The Grudge, suggested by special guest Dani Bethea. We break down what does and did not work in adapting the Japanese into English, why American cinema was obsessed with remaking J-Horror, and the calling the card of the Japanese horror sub-genre. Take a hit and pass that spooky shit! New episodes every Tuesday! Next week we're talking CURE and SUICIDE CLUB...


 2021-01-12  1h9m

ICHI THE KILLER & AUDITION: Japanuary Vol. 1 (BBCC #37)

Welcome to 2021! Kicking off the new year with an international trip to Japan to talk J-Horror. Starting off with a solo dive into one of Japan's most infamous and prolific directors, Takashi Miike. Takashi is all about them sub-genres, as we take a look at bloody neo-noire Ichi the Killer and rom-com turned body horror flick Audition...


 2021-01-05  1h9m

The Bloody Awards ft. Johnny the Horror Hack: Best of 2020 Vol. 2 (BBCC #36)

In the final final episode of 2020, Johnny the Horror Hack and I give out the first round of BLOODIES on the podcast: the awards for the best things in horror from the year, from best performances to best kill. Take a hit and pass that spooky shit! New episodes every Tuesday! Join us next week for a Takashi Miike Double-Feature. Subcribe to not miss out! Stalk Johnny on social media: Twitter (Instagram)


 2021-01-05  54m

Top 6 Horror Films of the Year ft. Johnny the Horror Hack: Best of 2020 Vol. 1 (BBCC #35)

2020 has came and went, giving birth to this podcast, world chaos, and lots of great horror films! I bring in returning guest Johnny the Horror Hack to give our 6 favorite films of 2020, as well as our honorable mentions. Take a hit and pass that spooky shit! This one is a two-parter, so stay tuned for THE BLOODIES, giving out awards to our favorite things from 2020's crop of horror! Stalk Johnny on social media: Twitter (Instagram)


 2020-12-31  1h25m

BLACK CHRISTMAS X3 ft. Jay Krieger: Cold-Hearted Vol. 4 (BBCC #34)

Bah fuckin humbug! It's time for the BBCC Black Christmas special, featuring my good buddy Jay Krieger from the Daily Horror Habit podcast! We're talking the three very different incarnations of BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974, 2006, 2019): how the sub-genres vary, eyeballs, what makes a "Black Christmas" movie, eyeballs, and how not to make a statement film. It's cold outside, but things get a bit spicy in this episode...


 2020-12-24  1h49m