Bloody Blunts Cinema Club

Welcome to the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club! In this podcast, creative artist DeVaughn Taylor (me writing this) celebrates his favorite horror & genre films while burning heaps of the Devil's Lettuce. Not only discussing what he loves about certain films, but what sub-genres make that particular film work. This podcast also split its time between intimate solo episodes and episodes featuring filmmakers & creators from the horror community. New episodes every Tuesday: so take a hit and pass that spooky shit!

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"The Bio-Nuclear Family" Another day in quarantine, another hidden gem on Netflix unearthed by Twitter. On today's bonus episode of Bloody Blunts Cinema Club, we're talking about SPLICE. Oh boy, this one was a doozie. I break down the sci-fi horror elements, family themes, and the pure what-the-fuckery of this film. I make a lot of sounds. Lol...


 2020-07-17  1h1m


"Desert Days and River Slays" Heat-Soaked Horror rages on as we take a visit to Perfection, Nevada and the Amazon Rainforest: we're covering Tremors (1990) and Anaconda (1997) in this episode of the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club. What makes these monster movies work? Are Val and Earl lovers? Is Paul Serone one of the best horror villains of all-time? All these questions answered and more...


 2020-07-15  1h9m


"Comfort is the Dream" Hope you're ready to sweat, because it is Heat-Soaked Horror month on the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club! Episode 7, we're heading to the wastelands of formerly-known-as Texas to explore The Bad Batch: a dystopian-cannibal-western-romance from director Ana Lily Amirpour. Exploring themes of identity, The Bad Batch is a sexy, stylish, at points violent noir throwback employing a charismatic cast and minimal dialogue for visual storytelling experience...


 2020-07-07  1h3m

CURSE & CULT OF CHUCKY, CHILD'S PLAY '19: Batteries Not Included Vol. 3 (BBCC #6)

On this week's super-stuffed episode of the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club, it's tine to finish up the Chuck series covering Curse and Cult of Chucky, as well as touch on Child's Play (2019). Lots to talk about because not only are Curse and Cult two of my favorites, but after 8 movies I think I've pinpointed the formula to this series. What makes a Chucky movie work, what doesn't, and Don Mancini's continual growth as a filmmaker...


 2020-07-01  1h47m

BRIDE & SEED OF CHUCKY ft. Harmony & BJ Colangelo: Batteries Not Included Vol. 2 (BBCC #5)

Happy Pride Month from the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club, where here on episode 5 we're celebrating by continuing coverage on the Chucky franchise. Volume 2 brings two increasingly gay entries to the killer doll series as Chucky struggles to become a husband and father, respectively...


 2020-06-26  1h3m

CHILD'S PLAY 1-3: Batteries Not Included Vol. 1 (BBCC #4)

Bloody Blunts Cinema Club, episode 4, we're rolling along baby! It's time to dive into our first franchise on the podcast, my personal favorite slasher series: Chucky and the Child's Play franchise. Here in the first of 3 volumes, I give a brief background/overview of the series and it's ever-changing genre evolution while going over the original trilogy...


 2020-06-24  1h12m


"Who's Eating Who?" It's all peaches and creme here on the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club! Or should I say...peaches and SCREAM? Oof, that's bad. Episode 3, I'm covering all my thoughts on 2019 Best Picture winner Parasite; from defining it's genre to Bong Jun-Ho making it rain with his fat stacks of metaphors. I also get a little vulnerable on why I smoke cannabis and how it could possibly help you too...


 2020-06-16  1h30m

Spooky Since Forever: My Horror History (BBCC #2)

Welcome to another episode of the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club! Everybody has an origin story: why do I love horror so much? In this episode, I give you a rundown of my horror history: the first horror films I watched, how they influenced me, what in horror influences me now, and more. Plus, a few memories from my childhood and get an idea of movies that will be covered on future episodes. Speaking of.....


 2020-06-10  1h8m


"Fame is Dead" The ritual was a success, he has risen! Welcome to the first episode of the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club. For this pilot episode, I break down what the podcast is all about and a little about myself. I chose 2 movies that somewhat represent my taste in horror movies...


 2020-06-10  1h46m

Bloody Blunts Cinema Club: TRAILER

Enjoy the trailer for the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club! Every Tuesday, join me (DeVaughn Taylor) as I get high and breakdown all my favorite horror/genre films: whether it be one movie, two, or a whole franchise. Aside from the occasional guests, the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club is meant to be an intimate experience: just you and I smoking a J, chatting about weird movies (except I'm the one doing all the talking but trust me, I have enough thoughts and theories for the both of us...


 2020-06-04  1m