Blue Alpine Cast - Cryptocurrency News and Research (Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and more)

Blue Alpine Cast is a daily podcast about cryptocurrency news and research. We're focused mainly on fundamental analysis, so we'll dive deep into the teams, products, technologies etc of the different cryptocurrencies, giving you a good base to invest in.

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episode 140: Venezuela akzeptiert Dash

- Bitwala startet Banking und Trading Applikation auf dem Handy - Bakkt bringt mit Warehouse physischen Eintauschort für Bitcoin Futures - Venezuela's Apothekenkette akzeptiert Dash und Bitcoin wird auch immer populärer, die Lösung für das Krisenproblem?


 2019-08-29  8m

episode 139: Brave Browser bringt Wallet

- Manchester City will die Spieler auf die Blockchain bringen - Schweizer Nationalbank (SNB) will mehr Details von Libra - Brave Browser bringt Ethereum Wallet für ERC-20 Tokens


 2019-08-28  10m

episode 138: Basic Attention Token (BAT) on Coinbase Pro, Ukraine legalizes crypto, Weekly Update

In today's episode we'll talk about: BAT launching on Coinbase Pro Ukraine legalizing cryptos Weekly crypto roundup


 2018-11-03  8m

episode 137: Bitcoin performance over 4 years, Bitstamp gets bought out, Bitfury IPO

Bitcoin apps and what they are missing Bitfury's potential IPO and why it should be in Europe Bitstamp gets bought out by NXMH in an all-cash deal


 2018-10-30  10m

episode 136: Coinbase and Circle launch Stablecoin USDC (USD Coin)! Monero reduces fees by 97%

Swissquote getting into the ICO business and why this is relevant Coinbase launching a stablecoin Monero reduces fees by 97%


 2018-10-23  8m

episode 135: Bitcoin and crypto price predictions for 2018/2019? Take part in the crypto

Where the crypto prices are going and how to check for crypto trends How and why you should take part in the crypto law makers circles


 2018-10-04  8m

episode 134: China and the future of cryptos - A report from the future

China and WeChat ( & How livestreaming is being used in China ( A crypto project that uses livestreaming ( & https://coin


 2018-09-25  16m

episode 133: Modum (MOD) Token Quick Analysis - what is it? Should you invest in it?

In today's episode we'll talk about Modum (MOD) Token, its token dynamics as well as look at the team so that we can see and decide whether an investment makes sense.


 2018-09-03  24m

episode 132: Ethereum and EOS dApps no usage? Brave Browser hits 10 Mio downloads!

Ethereum and EOS dApps and what the future brings for them Brave Browser hitting 10 Million Downloads and how you can follow the developments as an investor


 2018-08-28  7m

episode 131: SEC Decision on Bitcoin ETF! Bitmain IPO coming soon, investment rumours?!

the SECs decision that will fall on Thursday, 23 August 2018 and what it could mean for the industry Bitmain's IPO and investment rumours from other companies


 2018-08-21  6m