Bob After Dark

Laugh, learn and be afraid. Join the Bob After Dark team as they discuss some of those things that go bump in the night. Ghosts, cryptids, and other supernatural forces. Take a dive into the occult, and enjoy the shadows.

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episode 108: 108 - Interview with Bishop James Long

Have you ever heard of Bobby Mackeys Music World? It is a very haunted nightclub in Wilder Kentucky. Most noted for being one of the most popular episodes of Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. Well, if you have seen that Ghost Adventures episode, then y



episode 107: 107 - Ghost Camels and The Red Ghost

Camels are strange animals. They have large humps, spit, and live in a constant state of heat. Now, what do you think about when you think of where camels may live? First thought maybe Egypt or some sort of desert country. While you are correct, we look



episode 107: 106 - Abhartach the Vampire Lord of Ireland

Did you know its Count Paneks birthday?! In celebration, we wanted to look at a vampire story. Now, there is vampire myths all across the world in some capacity. So, how do we narrow it down? Well, we picked the story of Abhartach out of Ireland. He was


 2022-05-29  59m

episode 105: 105 - Ghost Ships

A strange request we get often to do subjects on are haunted transportation objects. Haunted cars, trains, and yes...even ships. How can a vehicle be haunted? Digging into some research, come to find out ghost ships are a reported phenomena. Not only are


 2022-05-16  1h3m

episode 107: 104 - Polish Lore

Its never easy to say goodbye to someone. Especially with that someone being Bobs father. However, we had to honor him the best way we could. You see, Bob Anderson SR was two things: An avid Chicago White Sox fan, and a proud Polish man. Until the White


 2022-05-03  57m

episode 103: 103 - A Night With ACG Paranormal

Meet Elliot and Nat. They are paranormal investigators with ACG Paranormal, and they join us to chat about their backstories, and what the world of ghost hunting is like.


 2022-04-26  1h3m

episode 102: 102 - The Fjorulalli aka Shore Laddie aka Beach Walker

Its with heavy hearts that Bob explains his sudden disappearance from the show. However, the Bob After Dark is back! This was a quickie just so the ball could start rolling again, and a podcast exclusive. Meet the Fjorulalli aka The Shore Laddie aka Beac


 2022-03-28  36m

101 - Jeff the Killer

Go to sleep. Thats the last words you will hear if youre being stalked by the entity known as Jeff the Killer. A victim of bullying , and turned killer. This is one the most popular creepypasta characters.


 2022-02-24  1h10m

episode 100: 100 - Sonic.Exe Part 2 Round 2

First off, wow! Look at that episode number! We made it episode 100. What a straight up wild ride. We are beyond blessed to have you, the listeners, here for us to entertain you. It is never easy to create something on a consistent schedule. So, we are p


 2022-01-31  1h31m

episode 99: 099 - Small Town Monsters

Ever hear of Small Town Monsters? If you havent...youre really missing out. Meet Seth and Heather, two of the front faces for the paranormal documentary series, Small Town Monsters. They are taking the world of the supernatural by storm. With their hits,


 2022-01-21  1h9m