A look into the history, culture, traditions, and people of the Czech Republic from the eyes of two American expats.



      episode 67: Episode #67: Our 5 Year Anniversary Show

      Join Pete and Travis in celebrating our 5 year anniversary for the Bohemican Podcast and the History of Alchemy Podcast.  Tune-in for our take on the past few years, our thanks to our listeners, and our plans for the Podcastnik Network. ​Thank you all for listening all these years!!!


       2018-03-23  1h12m

      Episode #66: An Interview with Sam Beckwith of

      Join us for some tea and conversation with writer and satirist Sam Beckwith, the creator of His expat viewpoint provides a perfect mirror to all the Czech stories not reported in the mainstream media. Celebrities, traditions, and the obscure are standard fare on the PraguePig. Sounds a bit like our Bohemican podcast :-)


       2017-09-17  35m

      Introducing Tides of History

      History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme, said Mark Twain. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the rise of the modern world: history ebbs and flows over the centuries, driven by great tides of economic, social, political, religious, and cultural change that shape the world and everyone who lives on it. In this new series from Wondery, PhD historian Patrick Wyman (Fall of Rome) brings the cutting edge of that history to listeners in plain, relatable English. Premieres July 20th.

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       2017-07-22  23m

      Episode #65: The Accidental Hero: Lt. Col. Matt Konop

      It was May 1945 and American forces were freeing the people of western Czechoslovakia from their Nazi overlords. Lieutenant Colonel Matt Konop led several first contact missions into these Czech towns, mainly armed with his knowledge of the Czech language. Just like that, he became a legend. Konop's grandson, Patrick Dewane, has kept the memory of this accidental hero alive with his 90-minute, one-man play. We had a chance to talk with him on the eve of his trip to the Czech Republic for...


       2017-05-06  27m

      Episode #64: (ČARODEJNICE) The Spring Czech Tradition of Witch Burning

      Every April 30th, Czechs celebrate the coming of Spring by burning a straw witch that symbolizes the hard months of winter. This ancient tradition has roots in many European nations, including Germany, Sweden, and Finland. Grab a beer, a brat to roast, and join us for a night by the bonfire. Čarodejnice is here!


       2017-05-02  20m

      Episode #63: To Dance the Night Away: Czech Ball Season

      It is not just Vienna who has all the fun during the winter Ball season. Prague and cities all across the Czech Republic hold magnificent Balls in February and March. Tonight we will take you through all the steps of getting ready for the Ball, from dance lessons to proper attire. Lace up those dancing shoes, put on your long white gloves, and get ready to dance the night away.


       2017-02-19  24m

      Episode #62: 2017 Preview Show

      Join us of a recap of 2016 and preview for what is to come in 2017 on the Bohemican Podcast. Pete and Travis will go over show stats, top 5 shows, and read emails to the program.


       2017-01-16  31m

      Episode #61: Veselé Vánoce: A Czech Christmas

      It is Christmastime again in the Czech Republic and we will take you on a tour of the Prague Christmas market and offer you a seat at the Christmas Eve dinner table. Join Pete and his children as they wait for the Christmas carp and avoid the golden pig. Tune in and you will see what that means. Veselé Vánoce!!!


       2017-01-05  23m

      Episode #60: Celebrating Saint Martin's Day

      Tonight we will walk you through the Saint Martin's Day traditions, instruct you on how to cook a traditional roasted goose, and provide you a seat at the table for young wine and a roasted goose celebration in downtown Prague. ​ Get your handcrafted lanterns ready....we explore the celebrations of Saint Martin's Day.


       2016-11-18  40m

      Episode #59: Anthropoid Movie Review

      The Bohemican Podcast reviews the Sean Ellis film "Anthropoid" after the Prague film premiere on September 28, 2016. We talk of the historical background of the movie and how the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich had an immeasurable effect on the Nazi hierarchy and the Czech lands.


       2016-10-08  50m