Bonus Action | A Dungeons and Dragons and Roleplaying Series

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition play series with the occasional other game or episode thrown in for variety. Currently playing an original campaign titled The Blight of Riverhaven and converting our video series into this podcast. Social Stuff:

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h18m. Bisher sind 62 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

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 2017-10-15  1h50m

Blight of Riverhaven 50 – Old Soldiers Never Die

The party decides to check in with an old friend as they return to the north.


 2017-10-01  1h44m

Blight of Riverhaven 49 – We Could Throw them in the River

The party catches their first glimpse of what’s happening in Riverhaven since Veilin took over.


 2017-09-21  2h17m

Blight of Riverhaven 48 – Surrounded

The party starts the trip back to Riverhaven, but meets Scaleblade resistance along the way.


 2017-09-04  2h1m

Blight of Riverhaven 47 – Who Do We Trust

The party returns to Freeport and has to decide where to go next.


 2017-09-03  1h54m

Blight of Riverhaven 46 – Selune’s Tears

The party deals with the mess the Order left behind, then receives a message from an ally


 2017-09-02  1h55m

Blight of Riverhaven 45 – The Hone of His Blade

The truth behind Tillman’s visions is revealed as the party delves deeper into the facility.


 2017-07-02  2h49m

Blight of Riverhaven 44 – The Serpent’s Lair

The party finds the facility where the Order learned their dark magic


 2017-06-23  2h19m

Blight of Riverhaven 43 – Tillman’s Gift

The party is able to explore more of the island and finds a tribe of unusual Kobolds and a mysterious grave


 2017-06-21  2h13m

Blight of Riverhaven 42 – Echoes of Darkness

The party begins to explore the island they’ve been searching for, making a new friend in the process


 2017-05-31  1h6m