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Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition play series with the occasional other game or episode thrown in for variety. Currently playing an original campaign titled The Blight of Riverhaven and converting our video series into this podcast. Social Stuff:

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h18m. Bisher sind 62 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 5 days 18 hours 42 minutes


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Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 12

The party finds themselves behind enemy lines and trying to find their way to the center of the Orc-sieged city.


 2016-02-02  2h2m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 11

The party finally arrives at Arn Anari, and finds the Orc invasion isn’t yet over. They seek another way into the city, offered up by their Cleric with a mysterious history.


 2016-01-06  2h11m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 10

A quiet morning is interrupted by yelling from the nearby woods. Nearing the city the party begins to face their new enemy.


 2016-01-04  2h48m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 9

The party completes their adventure to find the missing guards from Wellspring before continuing their journey north. Riverhaven politics make an appearance far from the city’s walls.


 2015-12-19  2h27m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 8

The party leaves Riverhaven with an aid and relief caravan headed to Arn Anari, a detour for repairs and replenishment provides an opportunity for adventure.


 2015-11-27  2h19m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 7

The players attend a council meeting to learn more about the Orc army that demolished Arn Anari, and are recruited for a caravan headed north to the elven city to investigate. The players return to Fort Draydon to try and recover evidence of the Scalebla


 2015-11-01  2h18m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 6

Troubling news and a new friend arrive from the elven city of Arn Anari suggesting no one in the Nevervale may be safe. The players are asked to clear an old fort to help with the defense of the city if the Orc armies should attack Riverhaven. A strange


 2015-10-18  3h6m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 5

A man with a missing daughter asks the party for help.


 2015-10-09  2h37m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 4

Lyle deals with a pickpocket in the market. Later the party finds itself with a brief window in which to search a sunken pirate ship for whatever treasure it may hold. Vanorin’s wild-magic creates a deadly problem within the city.


 2015-10-03  2h13m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 3

A day of fun ends with a trek into the woods to search out a patron’s missing comrade, and the property he carried with him. —- The Blight of Riverhaven is our first original campaign. The citizens of the Nevervale, a region without any centr


 2015-09-29  2h7m