Bonus Action | A Dungeons and Dragons and Roleplaying Series

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition play series with the occasional other game or episode thrown in for variety. Currently playing an original campaign titled The Blight of Riverhaven and converting our video series into this podcast. Social Stuff:


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Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 2

Having made good first-impressions on House Stormwarden, Cerelia asks the players to help her efforts to improve the lives for Riverhaven’s newest and poorest members, those forced to live beyond the protection of the city walls. Traveling beyond t


 2015-09-25  2h0m

Blight of Riverhaven – Episode 1

The Blight of Riverhaven is our first original campaign. The citizens of the Nevervale, a region without any central kingdom or leadership, are suffering under a great blight. As livestock dwindle and crops produce far less than ever before many flock to


 2015-09-16  2h38m