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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

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 October 14, 2019  1h7m

Breaking Bad: The Movie

Shayne Bowman from Film Schlubs and Heisenberg Chronicals fame as well as Eric Wahlquist of Personal Arrogants and Direct infamy join A.Ron to discuss the pro/fan edit of Breaking Bad that was dropped on the Internet last week.


 March 20, 2017  1h26m

episode 13: Full Measure

In what is probably going to be the last Bald Move Breaking Bad podcast ever, we discuss the awesome season three finale that is episode 313, "Full Measure". So much to talk about, from a back to the beginning's cold open that has us rethinking what w...


 October 15, 2015  1h43m

episode 12: Half Measures

A.Ron and Jim near the end of their re-watch of Breaking Bad season 3, with the thrilling episode "Half Measures". An incredible episode that has you wondering what's in store for next week's installment, which is "Full Measure".


 October 7, 2015  1h9m

episode 11: Abiquiu

Jim and A.Ron are on to episode 311, "Abiquiu", an episode of post-modern impressionist vaginas, gangster Food Network show pilots, and unexpected connections to Combos of long ago. Enjoy the flashbacks and fond memories while you can,


 September 30, 2015  1h14m

episode 10: The Fly

Jim and A.Ron look into a fairly polarizing episode of Breaking Bad, episode 310, "The Fly". Some see it as a slow, ponderous, pointless exercise in budget cutting, while others see a beautiful, rich, thematic character study resting entirely on the p...


 September 23, 2015  56m

episode 9: Kafkaesque

Heading into the home stretch of Breaking Bad Season 3, we arrive at episode 309, "Kafkaesque". Jesse's job sucks, Hank can't feel his legs, Walt admires Gus's business move, and Skyler tells a whopper of a story.


 September 16, 2015  1h4m

episode 8: I See You

Jim and A.Ron continue their retro-rewatch of season 3 with episode 308, "I See You". In this episode Hank fights for his life, Jesse messes around in the lab, and Gus makes his move.


 September 9, 2015  52m

episode 7: One Minute

Jim and A.Ron re-watch the classic Breaking Bad episode, "One Minute". We have a lot to say about Walt and Jesse's messed up relationship, turning points for Hank, and Gus's schemes. All this, a robust spoiler section,


 September 2, 2015  1h27m

episode 6: Sunset

We discuss the merits of the ABQ's acting talent and the amazing stunt that Walt pulls to, once again, narrowly escape the clutches of his deserved fate.


 August 26, 2015  1h15m