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Tidings of Light and Spirit by Bryan Aiello

We here at Brick Moon are not immune from the holiday spirit.  At the very least, why NOT set aside a day when everyone tries to […]


 2018-12-04  50m

A Deserving Conference by Robert Kingett

Our final podcast from the anthology IT CAME FROM THE COMMENT SECTION!  couldn’t be more appropriate or seasonal.  Typically our writer’s run dark –  maybe that’s […]


 2018-11-20  32m

The Golden Pyramid of Arroyo del Toro by Rudolfo Serna

From the anthology “It Came From The Comment Section!” we bring you the latest from writer Rudolfo Serna.  In this story we meet Cheryl – recently […]


 2018-11-14  24m

Quittersdotcom by Josh Trapani

Today is November 6, 2018.  Election Day.  For the past two and a half years we’ve seen the rise of divisive rhetoric that has very recently […]


 2018-11-06  27m

A Wedding Night at Motel 1941 by Suyi Okungbowa

Are you ready for one last Halloween scare, Brick Moon fans?  Today we conclude our month-long scarefest with the bloodiest installment in our SLASHER series.  Suyi […]


 2018-10-30  35m

The V’s by Sam French

The wave of slasher films from the late 70s to the mid-80s was nothing less than a tsunami.  Even more stunning was the sheer amount of […]


 2018-10-26  16m

Instance 68 by Stephanie Jessop

Another boring day in the office.  The job pays, but there’s nothing to do – like, literally nothing.  It makes no sense to hire a new […]


 2018-10-19  59m

And We Shall See Our Names Written In Blood by Eric Del Carlo

It’s Halloween season and we aim to bring the horror.  It starts today and runs through the month.  This year we gave our writers a prompt […]


 2018-10-09  20m

Animalcules (preview!)

You may be wondering why the BMF Podcast has taken a breather.  Well, it’s not our fault, but rather the fault of twenty-eight tiny critters called […]


 2018-09-06  16m

Specter of Crime by Kevin R. O’Hara

The anthology is “It Starts With A Heist,” and the last story from it is Kevin R. O’Hara’s “Specter of Crime.”  This one has everything you […]


 2018-08-17  27m