BROKEN: Seeking Justice

Investigative Reporter Julie K. Brown exposed Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes to the world. Now his survivors are fighting for the truth. This season, host Tara Palmeri follows the women who are making their own justice.


episode 2: S1 E2: Lady Ghislaine

No one is more important to the Jeffrey Epstein story than Ghislaine Maxwell.


 2019-09-13  29m

episode 1: S1 E1: Their Day in Court

The criminal case died with Epstein. The hunt for his millions is just beginning.


 2019-09-05  23m

Introducing Broken: Jeffrey Epstein

Julie K. Brown’s expose of Jeffrey Epstein launched hundreds of headlines. But the story isn’t over. "Broken: Jeffrey Epstein" is a new podcast from Three Uncanny Four Productions. New episodes, starting September 5th.


 2019-08-30  1m