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You will not get there on a Road Bike.Stories and interviews about bicycle people and bicycle adventures.With some training shots by Simon 2 times top 15 at Haute Route events in 2019The goal of this year, the Holy Week #3, but with some other stuff in the pipeline.

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Eleanor Jaskowska & Gaby Thompson – MTB Planning with Komoot #DroptoFlat

Support the BroomWagon Podcast: Planning a MTB ride or a MTB trip with Komoot. Even if you just moved from gravel and road directly to gnarl, rocks and roots. Listen to El and Gaby, they have awesome tips :)...



Gabriel Amadeus Tiller – MTB Touring on the Oregon Timber Trail #DropToFlat

Support the BroomWagon Podcast: How is to travel with a MTB. Gabriel tells us that and he does it from his great experience of building up the Oregon Timber Trail. Drop to Flat? is a miniseries of the...



Dom Ferris & Trash Free Trails – MTB Community #DropToFlat

Support the BroomWagon Podcast: With Dom we talk about community from an environmental association. Dom has been mountain biking for all his life, but he decided to put things together by creating a charity...



Katy Curd – MTB Coaching #DropToFlat

Support the BroomWagon Podcast: Together with Downhill and 4x legend Katy Curd we talk about technique on a MTB: how to get to know MTB better and how to be relaxed on the downhills. Drop to Flat? is a...



Cory Benson – Mountain Bike technicalities #DropToFlat

Let's have an intro to the MTB world with Cory Benson, and talk about nerditude, technique, vocabulary, beers and all like this. Why with Cory: because he is one of the most skilled Mountain Bikers and Gravel Riders I know, he can fix basically...


 2021-03-19  1h20m

Drop to Flat? Maxitrailer

Let's talk MTB shall we? What do you need to get into the fantastic world of Mountain Bikes. Is it as fun as riding gravel? Is it as testosteronic as road cycling? Is it as easy as planning hiking? (little hint, with Komoot all planning is easy ????)...


 2021-03-10  3m

Veronique Billat #trainingwithhumanity

Veronique Billat is a great trainer, university professor, scientist and has an awesome approach to training: treat the human body as it is, not as a machine. Simon and Calamaro had the great honor to have her on the BroomWagon ???? . Backyard...


 2021-02-23  1h32m

Andy Cox European Divide Trail #doubletrackfanatic

A trail across Europe, on dirt roads with climbing only if strictly necessary. This is the European Divide Trail, and this is Andy Cox the guy who ideated the whole concept. On the BroomWagon Podcast ???? European Divide Trail:...


 2021-02-16  1h4m

Bas from Il Magistrale Cycling Coffee #wefuelthepeloton

Why cycling and coffee are so related, how cool is it to create specific coffees for specific cycling characters, and how are the sustaineble practices and sustainable trading easy to put in place. Bas explained to us all these things the BroomWagon...


 2021-02-09  1h29m

Migration Gravel Race with Sule and Mikel #RIDINGAFRICA

Discovering Africa on the bike while bringing together some great athletes. A self-supported gravel race in Kenya with some special rule. 4 stages on the Masai Mara between offroad and wildlife. Stories of a great friendship cemented during a tough...


 2021-02-02  1h23m