Brown Girl Self-Care

Join Bre, aka The Self-Care Pusher from Southern California, as she shares life experiences, weighs in on current events, amps up her wellness/health habits and finds clean(ish) products to try all for the sake of taking her physical, spiritual and emotional well-being to the next level and (hopefully) inspiring other women of color to do so as well. It's time to become obsessed with our self-care!

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No More "Manifesting" For Me

For the last few years I'd been trying to manifest things and gain stuff with Law Of Attraction however, there was one huge problem with that.  Listen to this quick mini episode where I share my personal beliefs of manifesting and why I no longer...


 January 20, 2020  16m

Falling In Love With Yourself After Facing Infidelity w/ Chalet Jean-Baptiste

Have you ever put yourself in a relationship that you know 1000% isn't for you?  Were you afraid to set boundaries because you thought he would leave you?  How do you rebuild your life after facing infidelity and learn to love...


 January 13, 2020  56m

Create Your Best Vision Board Yet

If you didn't have a chance to create a vision board last year because you lacked direction or didn't know understand it's importance, have a listen to todays episode.  I'll be sharing a few tips and things to think about when it comes to making...


 January 6, 2020  34m

2020 Won't Be Ashy With These 6 Things

We all want to start 2020 off on the best foot, right? I surely do! As I sit here typing, there's a dead plant on my desk that is a great way to sum up how the last few months of the year were: ashy and parched. RIP Plant!! There were some highlights...


 December 30, 2019  42m

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wallets. It's Christmas Time.

Whew, Chile!  It's Christmas time and you know what that means?  Debt, pressure and a whole lot of "it's got to be PERFECT" going on.  Let's kill that noise tuh-day!  I'm going to share a few tips you can try that will help get rid...


 December 23, 2019  43m

Is Your Squad Holding You Back?

In today's episode Bre shares her thoughts on taking a look at the "company you keep" as we enter an exciting new decade.  We are privileged to see 2020, let's not waste time!!  


 December 16, 2019  23m

God, Grant Me the Audacity of a White Man in His Prime.

Could you use a little more boldness and confidence in your actions and decision making processes?  In this episode of the  Bre talks about her experience at a co-working space that made her aware of how some of us move differently,...


 December 9, 2019  32m

Ways Stress Shows Up In Your Life

In this episode of the  Bre shares signs and symptoms of anxiety, stress and burnout that she has experienced.  She also shares one way she has learned to assist in dealing with it all. Mentioned in the episode: Facebook Group...


 December 2, 2019  42m

1 Tip to Keep Manipulators, Drama Queens, Baby Daddy's and Gossips at Bay

Hey Girly!  Today I'm doing a short episode!  Yes, you heard that right!  Because you know I can go on and on....and on, but today we are keeping it brief.  I'm sharing about a technique that I've been doing for years to keep...


 November 25, 2019  21m

5 Reasons Why Your Glow Up Is Parched

Today I am answering a community question regarding a single mom of a 3 year old that is stuck between security and being unhappy on the J-O-B.  Also, I'm giving you 5 reasons why our glow ups get a little stuck and we can't work ourselves up to...


 November 18, 2019  48m