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Build A Big Podcast is the marketing podcast for podcasters! How to grow your podcast audience, better connect with listeners, and spread your message through podcasting with podcast marketing tips from media marketing expert David Hooper, author of Big Podcast – Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show.

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episode 362: The "Stripper Story" and Your Podcast

One of the most common situations we run into as podcasters is guests who give the same canned answers they've given hundreds to hundreds of other people. Closely related to this is guests who have walls up, want to stick to prepared talking points,...



episode 361: A-to-Z Podcasting – The Episode Production Process

If you want to know the behind-the-scenes elements of a successful radio show (and podcast), listen up. I walk you through the episode creation process from A-to-Z.    Looking to get a job in the podcast business? I talk about that too....



episode 360: Amazon Halo Review

Amazon just released its version of a "Fitbit" called . One of the main reasons I got it, and the reason I'm talking about it here, is because, unlike a Fitbit, will analyze your voice. Here's how Amazon describes this feature: "Analyze qualities of...



episode 359: 30 Podcast Episodes (In 30 Days)

is back, so if you're thought about jumping into podcasting in a big way, you've got a great opportunity right now. There's nothing better when it comes to becoming a podcast better host than actually getting behind the mic and everything else that...



episode 358: 5 Podcast Lessons From Mike Pence

Mike Pence doesn't seem to talk a lot. You see a lot of photos of him, but he's usually behind Donald Trump and he doesn't say much. But before Mike Pence was Vice President, he was a talk radio host. His show is predictable. Then, like know, you know...


 2020-10-09  12m

episode 357: Podcasting Stories Wanted

I'm working on a podcasting project and looking for stories about podcasting that fit within the following categories: A "Bad" Podcasting Experience - Have a funny (keep it light) story about something that went horribly wrong during a podcast...


 2020-09-15  6m

episode 356: The Podcast T-Shirt Business

I posted some merch photos on the and got a comment from Kyle at that this story would make a good podcast. So here it is. Branded merchandise isn't for everybody, but if you have the right audience, it can be a substantial part of your business. In...


 2020-08-31  12m

episode 355: OOPS! I Screwed Up!

I subscribe to my own podcasts, not because I'm some kind of narcissist or I'm trying to boost my stats, but because when I see the download happen on my podcatcher, I know the feed is working OK. A couple of days ago, I happened to actually listen to...


 2020-08-20  8m

episode 354: The "Pod Decks" Switcheroo - Part 2 (w/ Larry Roberts)

On the , I talked about (and used them) with Dave Jackson from . I like the idea of Pod Decks, so on this episode, I asked the same Pod Decks questions to Larry Roberts from just to see what would happen and also to get a second opinion on the value...


 2020-08-19  12m

episode 353: The "Pod Decks" Switcheroo - Part 1 (w/ Dave Jackson)

I talked about on the previous episode. Here's what it says when you go to the Pod Decks website: I created Pod Decks to be a tool for any podcaster whether you are just starting out or a pro-podcaster to help grow you audience, have deeper...


 2020-08-18  17m