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Build A Big Podcast is the marketing podcast for podcasters! How to grow your podcast audience, better connect with listeners, and spread your message through podcasting with podcast marketing tips from media marketing expert David Hooper, author of Big Podcast – Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show.

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episode 351: How To Make People Listen To Your Podcast

You probably have a podcast that you don't really like, but you can't help but check in on from time to time, because the host is so passionate, or interesting, or otherwise compelling. What's with these podcasts? Why do we care? This episode of Build...



episode 350: Naked Models (And Your Podcast)

I had a friend who's an audio engineer for a major rock act and, when he wasn't on tour one season, did a stint as a "college professor" teaching audio engineering. He was vulgar as fuck. Sorry, I had to. This guy would go in the classroom and say all...



episode 349: The Big Podcast Submarine

I'm back. I never actually went anywhere, but I'm been working on other podcasting projects which have kept me from this podcast more than I'd prefer. If you're looking for more "podcasting content" from me that isn't a podcast, check out . Or read ...



episode 348: The Podcast Academy

Is it Podcast Academy or The Podcast Academy? Or maybe it's the Academy of Podcasters? This episode is about The Podcast Academy. I wrote it off initially, but I'm giving it a second look now that Rob Greenlee is involved. It's still a very new...


 2020-06-19  9m

episode 347: How To Make Your Podcast More Interesting To People

On the , I often share photos from the "studios" podcasters use to create their podcasts. I say "studios" in quotes, because many people who send me photos will attach a note that says something like, "It's not a real studio." If you're making a...


 2020-06-17  12m

episode 346: Audacity 2.4 Is Here (And It Works On Mac)

was released today and it works on Mac. If you're using Catalina, you no longer need to load the program via Terminal. There are several new features, some of which I talk about in this episode. One is a noise gate, which you may find helpful,...


 2020-05-16  6m


The was just released and to celebrate, the . THIS IS TODAY ONLY. Get it now before you forget.


 2020-05-08  1m

episode 345: Your First (Or Next) 1000 Podcast Listeners

You've got a new podcast and you need listeners. Or... You've got an existing podcast and you need more listeners. In this episode, I give you a couple of options for bringing in new listeners in bulk and walk you through the process using as an...


 2020-05-03  9m

episode 344: Podcasting With A Mask

Nobody is actually podcasting with a mask, at least not successfully. Thanks to COVID-19 though, a lot of people are wearing masks right now. This is a great opportunity for podcasters. More in this episode... Don't Let Your Podcast Be...


 2020-04-22  6m

episode 343: Easy Money For Podcasters

Podcast advertising is changing – have you noticed? For one, there's a lot more advertising for hair dye now that we're in quarantine and people can't get their hair professionally colored. But this episode isn't about advertising. Or hair dye. This...


 2020-04-11  10m