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Build a Big Podcast is the marketing podcast for podcasters! How to grow your podcast audience, better connect with listeners, and spread your message through podcasting with podcast marketing tips from media marketing expert David Hooper, author of Big Podcast – Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show.

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episode 371: Making Your Podcast Sound Better w/ Steve Stewart

95% of the time, the focus of Build A Big Podcast is marketing. is a podcast editor. What does he know about marketing a podcast?   A lot – as the guy who runs the 6000+-member on Facebook, he's seen and heard it all.   On this episode: ...


 2021-03-31  46m

episode 370: Audacity 3.0 for Podcasters

Audacity 3.0 is out and it's got some new things that you'll find helpful if you're a user.   Not a user? it's not for everybody, and there are arguable more powerful tools like it available, but it's worked well for me for about 20 years and,...


 2021-03-30  12m

episode 369: The $15,000,000 Podcast Ad

This is a "feel good" episode about the power of being able to connect with your audience.   Don't Let Your Podcast Be Ignored -  to double your podcast audience.


 2021-03-17  5m

episode 368: If Apple Podcasts Jumped off a Cliff...

The people at Apple Podcasts have decided "follow" is the right term for what we currently call "subscribe." So in the future, if you want people to "subscribe" to your podcast via Apple Podcasts, you may want to use the word "follow" to match their...


 2021-03-15  7m

episode 367: Do You Really Need Headphones? It Depends...

Go on any forum for podcasters and you'll likely see people arguing about the best microphone and best headphones.   The best microphone is the one you have. And if you don't have one, assuming you have some experience hosting and can say...


 2021-03-12  8m

episode 366: A Guest Lied to Me – This Is What I Did

I've interviewed hundreds of guests over the years. Most have been great experiences, even if the interview didn't always work out the way I wanted.   This is not one of those stories. This guest lied to me, brought me in on his lies, and pissed...


 2021-03-10  17m

episode 365: Working With Publicists Who Pitch Bad Guests

I think it's important to keep a good relationship with publicists and booking agents, but you need to remember who these people work for – not you.   Their main goal when dealing with you is to get you to cover something or talk to somebody....


 2021-03-09  14m

episode 364: When Interviews Go Bad

If you do enough podcast interviews, you're going to have a bad one. I once had a guy, well-known rock star, stand up in the middle of recording and tell me, "This interview is over! Take me back to my hotel!"   Even Larry King had some bad...


 2021-01-24  8m

episode 363: Is Your Ego Killing Your Message?

I saw a video being passed around social media that I found to be very impressive. It was bold and took chances, calling out a well-known “marketing guru” on certain things regarding race that, to some people, including me, came off as tone-deaf...


 2020-12-07  15m

episode 362: The "Stripper Story" and Your Podcast

One of the most common situations we run into as podcasters is guests who give the same canned answers they've given hundreds to hundreds of other people. Closely related to this is guests who have walls up, want to stick to prepared talking points,...


 2020-11-29  14m