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The Cross & The Empty Tomb “Why We Do What We Do”

As we look to the cross and the empty tomb we also take a look at the scriptures to understand why we do what we do as Christians. Follow along with us in this series as Jason shares why we do what we do. In this message Jason shares several scriptures:


 2020-01-06  35m

Leave Your Mark “Glory”

Today’s message looks at (Mark 9:2-13). Jason ask us to ponder the thought “What are your mountain tops?” Listen as Jason shares a thought provoking message as to how we can leave our mark as we travel through this journey.Jesus left hi


 2019-10-27  39m

Leave Your Mark “Dead Man Walking”

As we continue in this series Jason’s message looks at various scriptures from (Mark 8:31, Mark 9:31,33-34, and Mark 10:33-34).Jesus makes 3 different death predictions. Jesus left his mark by willingly walking toward shame & death. We leave ou


 2019-10-20  40m

Leave Your Mark “Mission Clarification”

Listen as we look at the miracle as shared in (Mark 8:22-38) . Listen as Jason shares with us his thoughts as to why Jesus had touch the blind man for him to see clearly. In this we learn:Jesus left his mark by clarifying his followers mission. We Leave


 2019-10-13  38m

Leave Your Mark “The Struggle Is Real”

As Jason continues this series of The Study of the Gospel of Mark we look at (Mark 6:45-56). Listen as Jason encourages us to leave Jesus marks and practical ways to do this. Jesus left leaves his mark by joining us in the midst of our struggles. We leav


 2019-09-29  31m

Leave Your Mark “The Jesus Challenge”

This week in our study of The Gospel of Mark we look at (Mark 6:32-44) and the well known story of the feeding of the five thousand. Listen to this message as Jason encourages us to have a faith of action being aware of the physical & spiritual needs


 2019-09-22  37m

Leave Your Mark “Homecoming”

As our study of the Gospel Of Mark continues we take a look at a few short verses in (Mark 6:1-6) that have a powerful message. Listen as Jason shares the story of Jesus’ homecoming and points out that those that knows you the most are quite often


 2019-08-25  43m

Leave Your Mark “A Theology of Ministry”

As we continue in our study of The Gospel of Mark we turn to (Mark 5:21-43) as a reference for this message. Listen as Jason shares with us a snapshot of his journey through his ministry. As he shares with us why he does what he does, ask yourself why is


 2019-08-18  46m

Leave Your Mark “Chain Breaker”

Continuing in the Gospel of Mark we see in (Mark 5:1-20) that Jesus can be described as the ultimate chain breaker. Listen and hear how Jesus left his mark by breaking the chains of our bondage. We leave our mark by proclaiming to others the freedom we h


 2019-08-11  39m

Leave Your Mark_Labels

As we continue to move through the Gospel of Mark we see how others will label us throughout our life, some good some bad, depending on events or circumstance. In (Mark 3:7-35) we find Jesus being labeled by his family as a man “out of his mindR


 2019-08-04  40m