Built to Play

How we build video games are reflection of how we view the world. So Dan and Arman dive into why games get made, and the backstories of the people who make them, and the people who play them.


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episode 113: The Cloning Engine

In June 2018, Ben Esposito was on his way to a game conference when he received a email that said his game had been stolen. It might have been inevitable.


 August 23, 2019  26m

episode 112: Spider-Crossover

Radio Free Krypton joins us as Arman and Daniel about what makes a great Spider-Man story. How do you make an authentic Spider-Man New York? Just how important is that Parker luck?


 July 26, 2019  54m

episode 111: The Future (2019)

E3 this year gave us a window into gaming's future. How does game streaming and political discourse shape the industry's future?


 July 19, 2019  45m

episode 110: Why E3 is a Mess

Gaming's annual grand exhibition, E3, is only a few more days away. But why does it look like a shadow of its former self? Brian Crecente at Variety Gaming gives us a window into the organization behind the trade expo.


 June 7, 2019  25m

episode 109: VGBR 2: Kingdom Hearts Edition

We're ranking every video game ever made, and we're clearing out as much of Kingdom Hearts as we can.


 April 22, 2019  51m

episode 108: Nostalgic Hearts

One of our hosts has been fascinated by Kingdom Hearts since childhood. But is a series worth going back to? We investigate the value of a long derided series.


 March 21, 2019  39m

episode 107: 2018 Yamauchi Awards

We continued to be haunted by a gamified spirit, as we recount the best and worst games of 2018


 January 31, 2019  54m

episode 106: Video Game Battle Royale I

Shadow the Hedgehog is not the best game ever made.


 November 23, 2018  1h10m

episode 105: A Legacy of Harm

So everything is broken: What do we do to fix the world we love?


 October 25, 2018  46m

episode 104: Crisis of Toxic Nerds - Comics

We try to make sense of an old beast with a new face: Comicsgate


 September 28, 2018  32m