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Business School is hosted by Sharran Srivatsaa, the CEO of Kingston Lane, investor and advisor to various cutting-edge technology companies and former Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Sharran is a sought after keynote speaker and a respected thought-leadership resource for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, SUCCESS magazine, Huffington Post, and Forbes. On this podcast, Sharran shares his best secrets on how to grow your business strategically, how to build your brand elegantly, most importantly integrate the profits in your business with an overall joyful life. For more free resources visit

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episode 24: How a 22yr-old Built a Multi-million Dollar Network Using Her Grit and a Podcast with Yasmina Ellins

If you want to learn what it takes to open a world of opportunity and build a successful business, this episode is for you. Today’s guest is Yasmina Ellins, a graduate of Cambridge University and The Judge Business School. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Programme at the prestigious Business School of Imperial College in London...


 2020-11-10  54m

episode 23: 10 Steps To Becoming An Amazon Bestseller with Marni Hale

Becoming a bestselling author seems so far-fetched for the average person, but understanding a few tricks can make it easy. In today’s episode, Sharran is joined by Marni Hale as they discuss how the smallest details matter the most when publishing a book. Tune in now to learn all the secrets to becoming an Amazon bestselling author. “All of the work leads up to one day...


 2020-11-03  30m

episode 22: Creating the 30-day Book Writing Challenge with Joshua Sprague

Do you think you could write a book? Do you believe, in yourself, that you could write a bestseller? In this new episode, Sharran talks with Joshua Sprague, a self-made author, marketer, and skier who wrote a book in 21 days and created the life he knew he could have, no matter what. They discuss Joshua’s system for making any issue feel manageable, his process for writing a bestseller in under a month, and the mentality that made his success inevitable...


 2020-10-27  38m

episode 21: 7 Personal Finance Secrets with Eric Simonson

Now more than ever, getting a grip on your finances is crucial to your peace of mind. Many seek out a financial advisor for help, but what if the advisor works in a system that incentivizes less advice, more fees, and ultimately more people feeling lost? To challenge this model, Eric Simonson founded Abundo Wealth, a financial planning company that charges only a flat fee to offer unlimited advice and resources to individuals and businesses...


 2020-10-20  52m

episode 20: Hidden Profit Centers In Your Business with Rob Hanly

Being a successful entrepreneur is more than just “creating value.” In fact, entrepreneurship will challenge you in the simplest way: Are you good at what you like? In this new episode of Business School, Sharran talks with Rob Hanly about how he helps businesses find hidden wealth by dissecting every part of their business. They discuss what every business owner should be tracking, how powerful your intuition is, and why creating value is as simple as being who you are...


 2020-10-13  48m

episode 19: 800% Growth Formula with Glenn Lundy

So, there must be a secret to creating 800% growth, right? Crazy connections? Huge investments? A fancy degree? The answer isn’t very sexy, but it’s much more powerful: Show up every day. On this new episode of Business School, Sharran sits down with Glenn Lundy, a man who went from homeless to fostering 800% growth at a small car dealership in Kentucky, setting a record and putting his name on the map...


 2020-10-06  48m

episode 18: A Badass CFO's Look Into Your Business with Khristine Valdez

Every business is founded upon a steadfast principle and excitement, but even those can’t work through humanity’s greatest puzzle: Money. If you want your business to thrive, you need a systematic approach to money. In this episode of Business School, Sharran connects with his former CFO, Khristine Valdez, to dive into the nuances of business money management...


 2020-09-29  49m

episode 17: Selling Over $100 Million Online with Ian Stanley

With the advent of the internet and now COVID, making a living exclusively online has never been more accessible, but it still requires showing up and doing the hard work. In this episode, Sharran sits down with Ian Stanley, one of the biggest names in the online marketing and copywriting space who has sold over $100 million worth of product through his writing...


 2020-09-22  45m

episode 16: What Nobody Tells You About Investing In Real Estate (Until It’s Too Late) with Jeff Thibodeau Part 2

Sharran continues his conversation with Jeff Thibodeau, a modern real estate broker and investor, about how anyone can get into the real estate game. In this episode, they cover the traits of a good investor, how to get in and out of a deal properly, and how you can find deals where no one else will. Study hard, but then go work harder; do what others won’t so that, in the future, you can do what others can’t...


 2020-09-15  32m

episode 15: How to Buy Your First Real Estate Investment (without breaking the bank) with Jeff Thibodeau Part 1

Real estate is a market sought after by so many, and for good reason: If done right, its returns will pay you back tenfold. However, many people’s dreams end there, whether due to a lack of money, knowledge, or confidence. In this episode of Business School, Sharran sits down with Jeff Thibodeau to ask the essential questions for anyone wanting to enter the real estate game...


 2020-09-08  48m