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Let the Fire Team bring you a variety of shows. from music to art, to self help, to comedy, we are more than a podcast. We are here for your entertainment. Stay You, Stay True and We'll Catch You...On the Flip Side!!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 41m. Bisher sind 106 Folge(n) erschienen. .

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episode 1: The Gargoyles Gift


 2019-11-20  23m

episode 19: Don't Sweat The White Stuff (Circus intro)

Reptile Man and Danger Dan getting the engines primed for whats in store four our eargasms


 2019-11-16  26m

episode 18: Keep It Friendly

Reptile Man Chan, Danger Dan, Juggalo Jake, and Special Guest Jabberin Jake Share the foundations of friendships and relationships so lets set sail !!!


 2019-11-10  1h4m

episode 1: Double SL: Stalfos

The guys get to hangout with the majesty that is the band Stalfos.


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 2019-11-05  21m

episode 2: After Dark Episode 2: Love and Lost

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 2019-11-03  22m

episode 16: You May Be A Cunning Linguist But I'm A Master Debater

They guys along with some special guests get into some well informed and heated debates, as well as some Halloween fun facts and of course PUNS!!


 2019-10-31  1h2m

episode 1: Episode 1 (Pilot) After Dark; Relation-Ships

Lets get better aquianted with the S.B.T.F guys as they get passionate after dark


 2019-10-30  17m

episode 1: Episode 1 (Pilot) Silver Linings; You Are Special

The guys are on a mission. To Make your day.


 2019-10-30  10m

episode 15: Quantum Rules and Bones Were Made To Be Broken. (zombie skit)

Reptile man Chan, Danger Dan, and Just Jake are at it again. Now they go quantum with bears, bewitching, and puns, oh my the puns are a plenty!


 2019-10-26  51m

episode 14: S.P.C.A Who? (Reptile skit)

The guys along with two guests drop the educational bombs with Traffic court, and doggy do


 2019-10-23  30m