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Let the Fire Team bring you a variety of shows. from music to art, to self help, to comedy, we are more than a podcast. We are here for your entertainment. Stay You, Stay True and We'll Catch You...On the Flip Side!!

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episode 13: Politically speaking battle axes solve most problems

of military and mind stance, wealso hear about Reptile Man Chan's past and our future

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 2019-10-19  1h8m

episode 12: Blood Guts and Pipsquatch Butts ( War skit)

The guys share some dark tales of their past and some bouncing battles, whats a pipsqautch?


 2019-10-12  44m

episode 7: Geek to Chic

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 2019-10-11  50m

episode 6: Dont Be A Tool


 2019-10-11  58m

episode 10: Smear Tactics (Timmy skit 1)

Reptile Man Chan, Danger Dan, and Just Jake take you on a wild ride of hypotheticals and some interesting Halloween tips and "tricks"


 2019-10-10  31m

episode 11: Tall Tales and Short Stories (Timmy skit 2)

Reptile Man Chan, Danger Dan, and Just Jake share some tales of where they began where they are going and what they kinda remember


 2019-10-07  1h1m

Episode 10.5-Ship Shape (skit)

What do you get when the guys meet a pirate? Lets find out!


 2019-10-04  5m

 2019-10-02  14m

Episode-9 Games are Fun Religion is Not

The boys go into games, goodie, goofs and ground conversations, why so serious?


 2019-10-01  53m

Episode-8 Safety First

reptile safety, people safety, fire safety, just plain safety


 2019-09-22  52m