By The Power

Four men, two decades of cartoons, three braincells and a tendency to go completely off topic. If you're looking for facts and well made points, keep moving. If you love cartoons and talking nonsense, then take a seat and put your feet up friend, as we take a look into the crazy world of 80's and 90's cartoons. Brought to you by Stuart, James, Jamie and Kane. Show music by 'dan_ts_inferno' on Instagram.

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Welcome to Tromaville, home of mild mannered Melvin Junko who when he eats a banana becomes Bana... hold up thats the wrong one. Melvin gets into the Toxic waste and becomes a grotesque mutant with super powers and weird pals. and a mop thats magic ...


 2021-06-09  1h13m

M.A.S.K S01E17

Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand or M.A.S.K is the cartoon we watched this week, the good guys and the bad guys both wear helmets that give them special abilities (I guess they couldn't make up a good acronym using HELMET). James a proud owner of a M ...


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Samurai Pizza Cats S01E16

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The Powerpuff Girls S01E15

This week we take some Sugar, Spice and Everything nice... add a dash of Chemical X and we have a Powerpuff Girls episode. The power squad however were made using Smut, Sarcasm, Confusion and a dash of taking the P . There is a unique 'Would you ra ...


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Digimon S01E14

A chubby hamster, a short T-rex, a Lion guy with a black Cog inserted and a tall guy with an angel complex and a large package. Yes its the 'By the Power' Squad in no particular order James, Jamie, Kane and Stu. This Episode we digitalk about Digimo ...


 2021-05-12  1h4m

Filmation's Ghostbusters S01E13

Ghostbusters! If there's something strange In your podcast queue... Wait a minute it's the Ghostbusters? Didn't we do that last week? No, last week was the REAL Ghostbusters now it's the Ghostbusters made by the people who made He-Man that debuted a ...


 2021-05-05  1h14m

Bonus Interview - Laura Summer, Voice Actor

We love Laura Summer the amazing Voice Actor, Jamie and Stu got to interview her for this special bonus episode. You know her as Janine in The Real Ghostbusters or from The Garfield Show, Hello Kitty, or as Patamon in the Digimon franchise and tons ...


 2021-05-02  34m

The Real Ghostbusters S01E12

Ghostbusters! If there's something strange In your podcast queue Who you gonna call? Powersquad! If there's something weird And it don't look good It might be one of us Powersquad! We ain't 'fraid of no ghost We talk about the REAL Ghostbusters... e ...


 2021-04-28  1h40m

Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers S01E11

Yee ha, space cowboys, robot horses, laser guns, brain implants and spells and magic! James chooses another cartoon most of us have never watched and introduces us to a cartoon classic. We discuss some fantastic character back stories, great writing ...


 2021-04-21  1h9m

Dungeons and Dragons S01E10

Six young friends and a weird little bald man go on adventures, it can only be the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon! We talk about unicorns, magical horses, horny bad guys and Jamie has a theory that might make the cut.. then we get the dice out to dis ...


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