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C9::GoingNative is a show dedicated to native development with an emphasis on C++ and C++ developers. Each episode will have a segment including an interview with a native dev in his/her native habitat (office) where we'll talk about what they do and how they use native code and associated toolchains, as well as get their insights and wisdom—geek out. There will be a small news component or segment, but the show will primarily focus on technical tips and conversations with active C/C++ coders, demonstrations of new core language features, libraries, compilers, toolchains, etc. We will bring in guests from around the industry for conversations, tutorials, and demos. As we progress, we will also have segments on other native languages (C, D, Go, etc...). It's all native all the time. You, our viewers, fly first class. We'll deliver what you want to see. That's how it works. Go native! ---> Please follow us at @C9GoingNative on Twitter!


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Bjarne Stroustrup Interview at cppcon 2016

Steve Carroll and Gabriel Dos Reis chat with Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of C++, about his keynote this year at cppcon 2016. Bjarne talks about the past, present, and future of C++, and how to be a good programmer.


 2016-10-11  22m

GoingNative 52: ISO C++ @Oulu Debriefing

Welcome to GoingNative #52! This episode covers the recent ISO C++ Standards Meeting in Oulu, Finland. Gabriel Dos Reis and Casey Carter join Steve Carroll in discussing the progress that was made, including some of the cool new features confirmed for C++17. You can follow recent news on Standard C++ on the ISO CPP website. Read Herb Sutter's trip report to learn more about what happened at Oulu. The post-Oulu mailing of new standards papers is now available...


 2016-07-22  29m

GoingNative 51: Updates with the Visual C++ Linux Extension

Today's episode covers our Visual Studio C++ for Linux Development extension! If you're building applications for Linux and want to keep your familiar Visual Studio environment, you can now do so a lot more easily. Featured in this episode are Marc Goodner (Senior Program Manager) and Ion Todirel (Senior Software Engineer), who have been working on this extension. In the video, Marc and Ion go over some recent updates to the extension as well as some feedback they've received from users...


 2016-07-15  18m

GoingNative 50: New Visual C++ Code Optimizer

Happy 50th episode! This episode covers our new, more advanced code optimizer for the Visual C++ compiler back-end. It provides many improvements for both code size and performance, bringing the optimizer to a new standard of quality expected from a modern native compiler. This is the first public release and we are encouraging people to try it and provide suggestions and feedback about potential bugs...


 2016-06-11  24m

GoingNative 49: Awesome Tools in Update 2 and VS "15" Preview

Today's episode is jam-packed with people and features from the Visual Studio family of products! Join today's "panel of presenters" to hear about all these awesome new and improved tools, ready for you to play with today! [00:54] Build Tools RTM w/ Andrew Pardoe [Download | Blog][3:13] What's new with Cross-Platform w/ Ankit Asthana [Download | //build Screencast][8:04] Linux and IoT [Internet of Things] w/ Elizabeth Morrow [Download | Demo | Blog][11:44] Lifetime Checkers w/ Neil...


 2016-04-01  22m

GoingNative 48: ISOC++ @Jacksonville Debriefing

We're back with another round of updates from the most recent ISOC++ standards meeting at Jacksonville, where some..."interesting" turns of events took place. Timeline[0:30] Interview portion begins[1:35] The Jacksonville Controversy [3:07] Why should I care about TS's?[5:55] New TS's [6:00] Modules (Try it out [VS] | Learn more | Send feedback) [6:27] Coroutines (Try it out [VS] | Learn more | Send feedback) [7:59] Concepts (Try it out [GCC] [6...


 2016-03-29  25m

GoingNative 47: MSVC++ is* C++17 standard library feature complete!

*as of this video's release date =P Join us (including our new libs PM, Eric Mittelette) as we get an in-depth look at what cool new C++17 features are available for you in yet another round of STL updates! [pun intended] Timeline[00:25] Interviewees' Intro[01:28] Major Milestone! [02:15] The * next to the word "is" STL breakdown ("in order of increasing complexity")[03:19] as_const()[04:31] std::<chrono> helper functions[06:22] expression SFINAE in...


 2016-03-01  27m

GoingNative 46: [Why you should be trying out] C++ Modules

At various points in previous episodes (particularly those of an ISOC++ nature) we've briefly touched on or alluded to modules, so here's the episode that finally breaks it down! Learn from our in-house expert why modules is [sic] going to make C++ even more awesome with its various explicit and implicit benefits, and you can take advantage of it right away! (after you've finished watching the video of course =P) To jump right to the demo, click here...


 2016-01-31  12m

GoingNative 45: Incredi-builds with IncrediBuild -- free in Visual Studio 2015!

If you didn't know already, a solid set of features from IncrediBuild (a software accelerator) are now packaged for free in Visual Studio 2015! You know what else you get for free? Faster build times. What's not to like?? (Merry Christmas, you're welcome =P) Join us as we get the details with Ankit Asthana! Timeline:[00:31] Meet Ankit[00:58] Meet IncrediBuild[10:02] Demo Click here to download VS 2015, and click here for Update 1 RTW!For more info on IncrediBuild, check out their website!


 2015-12-24  13m

GoingNative 44: ISOC++ @Kona Debriefing

Get another inside scoop on the up and coming in C++ as we debrief STL and Gaby on their most recent Standards meeting in sunny Kona, Hawaii! Video Timeline:[0:42] Meet STL [again] + Gaby [again again][1:12] What is a Technical Specification [TS]?[1:41] TS status update: Networks[2:16] TS status update: File System[3:06] TS status update: Ranges[5:13] Libraries and Guidelines Support library[7:05] Status update: Modules[10:51] Status update: Await[13:40] Contracts[15:13] Things...


 2015-12-02  28m