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Café Culture welcomes you to a season of discussions on culture, politics, philosophy and science. The Events: Our events are open to and welcome everyone. No prior knowledge is needed. Events are free and take place on Mondays (usually the first and third) from 7pm prompt until 9pm. Events are held at Gingers Café at Dance City, Temple Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 4BR You can enjoy a meal in the café beforehand, or snacks and drinks during the break. A three minute walk from Central Station (railway and Metro). NCP car park next to the venue via Waterloo Street. Secure bicycle parking outside. Nearest taxi rank: Central Station. Wheelchair access. Please note we provide a hearing induction loop system at all our events unless otherwise stated. Follow us on Facebook Podcast produced by

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Episode 61: Café Scientifique: Virtual Reality: Alleviating anxieties in autism - Jeremy Parr

Jeremy Parr, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, explores new scientific discoveries which are helping children with autism to overcome their fears by creating a virtual world where they can safely and gently try new experiences


 2016-03-31  25m

Episode 60: Café Philosophique - What is the Sky? - Timothy Ingold

The sky arches over us all. Nothing could be more familiar, yet more mysterious. How do we perceive the sky? Is the sky its light? Its colours? Its weather? Its atmosphere? Professor Timothy Ingold will explain & discuss why it is all of these, and more.


 2016-03-08  33m

Episode 59: Café Politique - Policing the Changing Nature of Crime - Vera Baird

Vera Baird QC, Police & Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, elected in November 2012, will discuss the impact of her high profile campaign on domestic violence and initiatives to tackle anti-social behaviour as well as setting out the challenges ahead. 


 2016-02-16  37m

Episode 58: Café Politique - The Middle East, Identity and Sectarian Violence - Afshin Shahi

The Director of the first UK Centre for the Study of Political Islam, University of Bradford, Afshin Shahi delivers an analysis into the rise of sectarian ideology in the Middle East, its role in shaping the power blocks & current conflicts in the region.


 2016-02-02  28m

Episode 57: Cafe Culturel - Art and the Moral Imagination - Barry Knight

Can art free us from our damaging habits and propel us towards personal liberation and societal change? Barry Knight, social scientist and Director of the Webb Memorial Trust, will reflect on materials from the publication The Society We Want.


 2016-01-25  20m

Episode 56: Café Scientifique - The Philosophy of Good Taste - Barry Smith

Prof Barry Smith, University of London, will share the results of collaborative research between philosophy, neuroscience and psychology. Barry will show how our experiences can mislead us, and why tasting is a complex fusion of many senses.


 2015-12-08  29m

Episode 55: Café Scientifique - Hearing Voices: New ways of understanding the experience - Ben Alderson-Day

Ben Alderson-Day describes the work of Durham University's Hearing the Voice research project which aims to understand what it is like to hear voices. He will discuss some of the myths and preconceptions associated with the experience.


 2015-11-18  28m

Episode 54: Café Scientifique - Gaming for Health - Janet Eyre

Prof Janet Eyre, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, will explain how a new fun based play therapy for adults is being used to transform the lives of stroke survivors and others.


 2015-11-03  16m

Episode 53: Café Culturel - Cultural Leadership and Enterprise in a Changed Public Sector - Jim Beirne

Jim Beirne MBE Chief Executive of Live Theatre will outline how Live uses its mission and vision to continue to grow in the context of reducing public investment.


 2015-10-21  33m

Episode 52: Café Philosophique - Authentic Ageing: My self outside myself - Julian Hughes

If ageing well involves the rich idea of authenticity, it suggests being true to your self. Julian Hughes, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University, will ask where is your true self to be located?


 2015-10-06  25m