Caged In: Coppola Connections

Welcome to the family. After Petros watched, reviewed and lost his mind watching every Nicolas Cage film. It's time to look at the Coppola family, whether it's Francis Ford Coppola or Patricia Arquette for the 5 years she was married to Nicolas Cage in the pursuit to answer the ultimate question; Are they the greatest film family of all time.Each week Petros is joined by a guest where they discuss their relationship with the Coppola family and dissect a film in order to piece together their mark on cinema history.Get bonus content on PatreonSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Coppola Connections 22: Rocky III (1982) Liam H. Dempsey (Spocklight)

This week we step back into the ring with Rocky III (1982) to discuss it's impact on cinema, where Sylvester Stallone was at in his career at that point and how Talia Shire's Adrian takes up the mantle of one of the franchises most beloved characters. Joining for this chat is Liam H. Dempsey (Spocklight), who brings a real flaming hot, spicy take to the table involving the caped crusader and a certain franchises third outing.

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Wes Anderson [SPECIAL] Adam Znaidi (Wes Banderson) Top 5 Needle Drops and Score Cues

With the upcoming release of Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch I roped in the bandleader of Wes Banderson, Adam Znaidi to discuss his Top 5 Needle Drops & Score Cues from Wes Anderson's films. This chat delves into the magic of visuals, music and when they hit, how great that that can be. We also look into the films, other picks and of course some listener/pod friends favourites...



Coppola Connections 21: Three Kings (1999) Lee Hutchison (The A24 Project, Filibuster)

This week myself and Lee Hutchison found a map inside someones ass and now have to discover if Three Kings and Spike Jonze's involvement in it makes a case for the Coppola family being the greatest film family of all time.

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Nicolas Cage Marathon [SPECIAL] Graham Jones & Ian Harries (The Podcast Nobody Asked For) Darryl Edge (Cage/Rage)

Welcome to the 150th episode on the feed. I speak to three fellow survivors of the Prince Charles Cinema Nicolas Cage all night marathon. I'm joined by bitter rival and fellow Cage detective, Darryl Edge of Cage/Rage and both Graham Jones and Ian Harries of the fantastic, The Podcast Nobody Asked For where we discuss our prep, expectations and tips on how to survive a full night of Nicolas Cage movies...



Caged In 96: Prisoners Of The Ghostland (2021) Ben Challoner

This week we head to Samurai Town to take a look at the master of Japanese gonzo cinema's newest outing Prisoners Of The Ghostland (2021), a film where our boy Nicolas Cage plays a bank robber sent on a suicide mission to retrieve the adopted granddaughter, Bernice (Sofia Boutella) of the town's overlord, The Governor (Bill Moseley)...



Coppola Connections 20: Ed Wood (1994) Matt Brothers (Spocklight, Sudden Double Deep, Is Paul Dano OK?)

This week we step head back in time to 1950's Hollywood to discuss Tim Burton's love letter to a director who was voted the worst of all time in 1980, Ed Wood. I'm joined by Matt Brothers of Spocklight, Sudden Double Deep & Is Paul Dano OK? to see if Stephanie Schwartzman can help solidify the Coppola family as the greatest film family of all time...


 2021-09-21  1h33m

Coppola Connections 19: Rushmore (1998) David Trumble

This week I'm joined by third time return guest, David Trumble to join any club and society that'll have us to discuss Wes Anderson's sophomore feature, Rushmore (1998). Our Coppola Connection for this week's film is Jason Schwartzman in his first on screen performance. We get into some pretty personal stuff in this episode whilst discussing the toxic nature of Max Fischer and his unrequited love for his teacher...


 2021-09-14  2h25m

Coppola Connections 18: Prophecy (1979) Will Chichester

This week I head down to the woods with my water testing kit and a belly full of anger to see just wants going on with that big bad pizza bear. Joining me for the ride is Will Chichester to talk all about John Frankenheimer's 1979 Eco-Horror, Creature Feature PROPHECY. The film stars Robert Foxworth, Armand Asante and this week's Coppola Connection, Talia Shire...


 2021-09-07  1h22m

Caged In Pigcast 04: Alexis Grapsas & Philip Klein (Composers)

A companion pigcast to Michael Sarnoski's 'Pig' where I delve deeper into the film with people who were involved in the making of this beautiful new Nicolas Cage film.

For episode 3 of this unofficial Pig companion podcast I'm joined by the films composer Alexis Grapsas and Philip Klein...


 2021-08-27  41m

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