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Interviews with professional & amateur cam girls, Onlyfans girls & webcam models from all genres. Hear the interesting stories of what its like to be a cam girl and learn tips & tricks of the trade as each cam girl shares their unique experiences to help you grow your camming business by avoiding the newbie mistakes so you can be successful & start making serious money in the webcam modeling world! If you like what you see, be sure to follow, like and subscribe to Cam Girl Diaries Podcast on your favorite platform! Support this podcast:

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Getting Dirty At The Park | Cam Girl Diaries Clips

Cam girl Kalea Nixs talks about how she likes to go to the park and fornicate with herself.


On the season 1 finale we talk to amateur porn star & cam model Kalea Nixs who makes public 'self pleasuring' videos that I seem to be fascinated with. Imagine getting caught doing that by a rapist? We also discuss her Pornhub career as well as how to make it as a webcam model in 2021...


 2021-03-28  2m

episode 1: Cam Girl Diaires Podcast #1 - Bangel | Custom Content Creator

Welcome the first episode of Cam Girl Diaries. The podcast where I interview cam girls, Onlyfans girls & adult entertainers. 

Today I interview Bangel who is a custom content video creator. She makes all kinds of videos from the bathroom to basement & fills us in on all the juicy stories of crazy requests she gets to the weird and crazy fetishes that are out there & the century old debate of: Saved vs Hairy Bush aka The Bush Debate...


 2020-12-26  1h42m

episode 2: Cam Girl Diaries Podcast #2 - Dont Be A Pussy Get Some Pussy

I forgot that scheduling conflicts could be an issue. 

If you have any questions for future interviews, leave them below in the comments!

If you're an adult entertainer and want to expand your audience, DM me on Facebook or Instagram (links below).  

Welcome to Cam Girl Diaries. The podcast where I interview cam girls, Onlyfans girls & adult entertainers & they spill the seed on the life of an adult entertainer...


 2021-01-02  42m

episode 3: Cam Girl Diaries Podcast #3 - Tea Girl | New Onlyfans MILF

Checkout Tea Gurl & Show some ❤️‍????


 2021-01-05  40m

episode 4: Cam Girl Diaries Podcast #4 - Kinky Chef | Sex Work Is Real Work

CHECKOUT Kinky Chef & Show Her Some ❤️‍???? Today we talk to custom content creator & Onlyfans girl, Kinky Chef. We have an amazing conversation on everything from cam girl advice to the difference between free porn vs custom content & much more! You'll be entertained and learn some things, especially if you're a cam girl or looking to become a cam girl! ▶️ SUBSCRIBE: http://CamGirlDiariez...


 2021-01-07  1h55m

episode 5: Cam Girl Diaires Podcast #5 | Chels - Starting Out on Onlyfans

Checkout Chels & Show Her Some LOVE ❤️‍????

Today we talk to Chels who is just starting out on Onlyfans but is an eager beaver to learn how to be successful on Onlyfans! Shes also offering a FREE TRIAL to her Onlyfans for the first 5 viewers so snatch them up before its too late! 

▶️ SUBSCRIBE: http://CamGirlDiariez...


 2021-01-14  1h5m

episode 6: Cam Girl Diaries Podcast #6 - Divalicous | Closet Freaks & Fanbases

Today we talk to Divalicious who is new to Onlyfans but has a decent size regular fan base. We discuss everything from closet freaks to what it takes to start out on Onlyfans and grow your fanbase. A great episode for new camgirls looking for tips and advice on starting out as a webcam model! 

Show Divalicious Some Love ???? 

?? SUBSCRIBE: http://CamGirlDiariez...


 2021-01-21  1h10m

episode 7: Cam Girl Diaries #7 | Lucy Dutch - Webcam Modeling Secrets Revealed

Today we talk to experienced webcam model Lucy Dutch who shares all her tips, tricks, advice and secrets of the webcam modeling world from Onlyfans to Kik! If you're a new cam girl or cam model, this is a great episode for you to learn all kinds of information to help you build your webcam modeling business!  


?? Video Podcast: http://CamGirlDiariez...


 2021-01-28  1h0m

episode 8: Cam Girl Diaries Podcast #8 | Goth Eden - Webcam Modeling & Mental Health

Today we talk to webcam model Goth Eden who shares her experience with selling on Onlyfans & we deep dive into the mental health aspects of being a cam model.  



Each week I interview cam girls, Onlyfans girls, adult entertainers and webcam models...


 2021-02-04  1h21m

episode 9: Cam Girl Diaries Podcast #9 | Vienus - Religion & Sex Dont Mix

Today we talk to 20 year old adult content creator Vienus (her links below) who grew up surrounded by religion & Christianity but thanks to common sense, she now shows her naked body online for money ????



Adult entertainers who want to get FREE promotion DM us to be a guest on our show...


 2021-02-11  1h19m
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