Campaign: Skyjacks

Campaign is long-form actual play podcast. Our current series Campaign: Skyjacks takes place in an original setting inspired by folktales and classic adventure fiction. Join Liz Anderson, John Patrick Coan, Tyler Davis, Johnny O’Mara, and gamemaster James D’Amato as they tell a tale of daring sky pirates. … Also it’s basically an elaborate re-telling of Weekend at Bernie’s.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h1m. Bisher sind 246 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts

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episode 55: Episode Forty Seven

In which the Mynock crew sneaks in to BHIKKE This week, Kat and James are headed to AcadeConAnd! Johnny O'Mara is performing at the Compass Improv Festival as a part of Houndstooth!! See them this Friday (the 13th! Spooky!) at the Improv Shop at 9:30 pm.


 2015-11-12  1h7m

episode 54: Episode Forty Six

Despite a growing list of lethal enemies, the Mynock crew discovers a new passion: matchmaking. LIVE EVENTS Metatopia November 5-8 Acadecon November 13-15


 2015-11-05  50m

episode 53: Episode Forty Five

In which, straight-faced, the boys try to tell a veterinary physician that Tony Vornskr weighs 400lbs and possesses greater than human intelligence. LIVE EVENTS Night of 10,000 Nights Metatopia November 5-8 Acadecon November 13-15


 2015-10-28  1h2m

episode 52: Episode Forty Four

In which the crew of the Mynock goes through Phindian customs. Gripping, gripping stuff. VALORCONOctober 16-18 FRIDAY: 6PM-7PM Playing Likable Characters 8PM-10PM Campaign Vs. Improvised Star Trek SATURDAY: 11AM-12PM Gaming podcasts 101 2PM-3PM GMing Roun


 2015-10-16  47m

episode 51: Episode Forty Three

The Mynock pulls out of hyperspace and into the Phindar system as we begin A! New!! Arc!! Maybe we'll be able to get through this one in less than half a year? Probably not! Valorcon October 16-18 FRIDAY: 6PM-7PM Playing Likable Characters 8PM-10PM Campai


 2015-10-09  50m

episode 50: Episode Forty Two

On a very special, very spooky episode of CAMPAIGN, the Mynock crew plays Dread to resolve their encroaching rabbit problem. Valorcon K.A.T. audio clipThanks for the hot theremin beats, Gary!!


 2015-09-30  1h39m

episode 49: Episode Forty One

Post-Mandalore Bottle Part 2: In which honestly very little happens.


 2015-09-24  57m

episode 48: Episode Forty

Tuckered out from an elongated arc on Mandalore, the crew of the Mynock settles in for a lengthy coversation that takes place over not one, but TWO bottle episodes.  What excitement awaits Leenik, Bacta, Tryst, Lyntel, Tamlin, Tony, and universally belove


 2015-09-20  1h1m

episode 47: Episode Thirty Nine

Reunited, the Mynock crew soars through the skies of Mandalore trying their darnedest to just leave this arc behind already.


 2015-09-09  49m

episode 46: Flashback: Episode Six

In which the boys forget the word holocron, continue infringing on musical copyright, and reopen some old wounds.  


 2015-08-28  47m