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The CAMPAIGN podcast is an actual play podcast where a small, consistent group of Chicago nerds get together to record role-playing games. It is hosted by Kat Murphy. CAMPAIGN focuses on long-form or “campaign” gaming. By this, we mean that each week, Kat leads a team of improvisers (James D’Amato, John Patrick Coan, and Johnny O’Mara) through a continuous story that could take months or even years to complete. CAMPAIGN is currently set in the Star Wars universe, and uses the Edge of the Empire gaming system. If CAMPAIGN has a goal, it’s to show how character-driven storytelling can positively impact all classic elements of long-form analogue gaming, and turn out a compelling and entertaining narrative.

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Skyjacks: Episode 116

MAIN SHOW Gable returns to The Uhuru with news of an unknown ship in the area. Orimar orders everyone to stand by and prepare. Not knowing if they face friend or foe means they have to be ready for everything.


 2021-08-18  1h5m

Skyjacks: Episode 115

While everyone was having their own adventures last week, Travis was sitting with some of his gloomier thoughts, as a bird. After the sun sets he decides to visit Bathroom Barry, the ship’s quartermaster for some advice.


 2021-08-11  1h18m

Skyjacks: Episode 114

We join Captain Orimar Vale in the process of trying to restore order to his life. His office, his ship, and his body have moved at the whims of wills other than his own for nearly a year. Finding a sense of normalcy will be slow work.


 2021-08-04  1h17m

Skyjacks: Episode 113

The sun begins to set as the dinner-bell rings. Travis decides to see how valuable the information he won from the Morrigan is. Jonnit and Gable bully Travis for being insistent on having a constant existential crisis.


 2021-07-28  1h4m

Skyjacks: Episode 112

We join the Crew of the Uhuru in transit after leaving N’Goni. Their coffers are full (at least fuller than they were) and the crew is enjoying their time between ports while they determine what their next plan should be.


 2021-07-21  1h0m

Skyjacks Interlude: Broker Youngblood Negotiation Part 2

The Broker and Remmington Youngblood continue their negotiation. The Broker continues a risky gambit, sharing valuable intelligence in an effort to drive a wedge between the Youngbloods and their long-time allies: The Red Feather Syndicate.


 2021-07-14  1h14m

Skyjacks Interlude: Broker Youngblood Negotiation Part 1

While the Uhuru charts their course away from N’Goni, clouds gather over Burza Nyth. The Broker holds an audience with the head of one of the most powerful privateer companies in all of Spéir: Remmington Youngblood.


 2021-07-07  59m

Negotiation Game Explainer

James explains the rules to the original Powered by the Apocolypse system he developed for the Interlude episodes featuring the negotiation between The Broker and Remmington Youngblood. This system was developed in part thanks to innovations to the Pbt...


 2021-07-07  9m

Skyjacks: Post N’Goni Behind the Sails Part 2

The discussion continues as James, Liz, Tyler, and Johnny answer listener questions! We discuss the potential for a BIRDS musical, James expands on the fine arts culture originating with freelancer Cher P.’s Silver Chalice,


 2021-06-30  56m

Skyjacks: Post N’Goni Behind the Sails Discussion Part 1

James sits down with Liz, Tyler, and Johnny to discuss their experiences making Skyjacks, with special attention paid to the most recent Nordia and N’Goni arcs. We start off talking about our favorite moments and surprises and dig deep into our process...


 2021-06-23  55m