Campfire Sht Show

A fiery mix of anything goes honest talk when friends sit around a campfire and the absolute insanity that is us, your hosts Meryl Klemow and Beau Hufford. From money, love, weird one-night stands, and our own disgusting fetishes, we bare all.

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episode 262: Tongue Kissing The Ring Finger Of Judgement

Beau gets tongue twisted in Las Vegas and Meryl answers a Camper of the Week question about why she doesn't do as much conspiracy talk as the years before! They also talk about judging others for their engagement rings and why Louis Vuitton doesn't make you a worthy human being. CHEERS!


 2023-05-09  47m

episode 261: You Should Want To F**k In A Dirty Bathroom...But I Don't

Meryl witnesses some actual sex on the beach! It's gritty, sandy, and Beau needs an even stiffer tiki cocktail after hearing the details of what went down.


 2023-05-02  28m

episode 260: Mama's Doing Fine in the Concrete Jungle?

Beau and Meryl start out the week with some bug bites about movie watching habits and birthing announcements. Beau talks about getting caught in the crossfire of a crazy New York experience and they take a Camper of the Week question about their favorite industry to work in.


 2023-04-26  50m

episode 259: He Dreams of Babies, I Dream of Canada

Lots of tears dripping onto boobies this week as Meryl talks about her recent breakup. Beau helps kick start the healing process with analogies about babies, plants, and the Lion King.


 2023-04-18  52m

episode 258: Wrestling Your Wolves and Goblins Via Voice Memo

Beau gets in the ring for Wrestle Con and enjoys the ride, and Meryl has a lot to say for those who consistently voice memo. We also talk about golf and Little Shop of Horrors, of course!


 2023-04-05  38m

episode 257: Enjoying NeuroSpicy Theater in 35 MM

Beau gets cracked by a chiropractor and Meryl witnesses some movie magic. We talk about fancy high end theaters, and why the bar needs to be higher for chocolates and hotel breakfasts!


 2023-03-28  45m

episode 256: Vander Pumping Fried Cheese In Little Meryl's Bed

Meryl inserts herself into some reality drama, and Beau's reality is a little heavy this week as his pup Aero has to undergo surgery. Then, they take a Camper of the Week question from a listener wanting to know the weirdest place where love has gone down. Thanks to our partners Adam and Eve (code campfire) and Magic Mind (code shtshow20)


 2023-03-21  39m

episode 255: Ch@t GPT'ing @ll Y0ur M!ss Ste@ks 2 H@us Huff!n Puffin

Grab the skewers cause the Marshmallow roastin' is about to begin. We sit down for a long needed extended talk about AI, kinky photos, camper of the week and a little co-host loving.


 2023-03-14  48m

episode 254: BUG BITES: Evil Twins, The Love Boat and It's Britney B!tch

The bugs have crawled out from off the screen into your ears! We get LIVID about evil twins, innocent childhood cartoons, shopping carts, fizzy water and so much more.


 2023-03-07  45m

episode 253: Fraying The Ends Of A Sobering Beginning

Meryl gets curious about something Beau mentioned to a friend, and then diagnoses herself with a sobering new type of sexuality.


 2023-02-28  49m