Can I Pet Your Dog?

Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!

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episode 256: CIPYD 256: Allison Shamrell and Getting Better Dog Photos

Hello! We’re so happy to have ya back for another episode! This week in Crumboatey Rooney isn’t nuts about being trained and Tugboat is rearranging pillows. We’ve got a home-run My Mutt Minute from Trace and Ace, some “of course” dog news and dog photographer extraordinaire, Allison Shamrell, is here to tell us all the best dog photo tips and tricks! Hug a hound and tune in!



episode 255: CIPYD 255: Paul F. Tompkins (Tugboat’s Very Best Friend) is Here!!!

Tugboat's very best friend Paul F. Tompkins is here!!! Wait, we should tell you about the first part of the episode before PFT - Ok! Real fast - in Crumboat, Crumb is bossing around his foster sister and Tug got his DNA test results revealing what breed is responsible for his 4.2% fluff. Mark and George the (crocheted) miniature dachshund are here with a truly whimsical My Mutt Minute and we've got a great new dog joke and voting themed amplify section. NOW! For the main event: Paul F...



episode 254: CIPYD 254: Steve Szlaga and Family Dogs

Well hello! We kick off this week with a retraction. Turns out dogs were right all along! It IS that hard to do the obvious thing. Over in Crumboat Crumb's creating new rules and Tugboat isn't pacing himself. We've got a top notch My Mutt Minute from Seung and Chestnut and Steve Szlaga is here to delight us all! Plus our Amplify segment! 

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episode 253: CIPYD 253: Gideon and Dog Petting Etiquette

Well, we all petitioned for it (Alexis and Renee included) and it happened! Gideon from I've Pet That Dog is here to tell us all about the dogs he's pet and his new book!!!! But first, Alexis and Renee chit chat about scars, Lowes basically being outside, itchy paws and the names of fingers and toes. PLUS a My Mutt Minutes from Maggie and Corky and of course our amplify segment featuring Shine - therapy and meditation app and Ty Alexander...



episode 252: CIPYD 252: Dog Jokes for the End of Summer

Hellooo! We did it! We skipped the summer! And now it's time for candy corn chit chat and group dog costume ideas. In this week's Crumboat Tug is BACK to being a hiking dog, Alexis is the bestest best pal a person could ask for, and Crumb is outsmarting bark training. Then, we've got a top notch My Mutt Minute from Roger and Maggie, Alexis has some dog jokes that we are 100% certain you can top, and singing dogs are working on their comeback tour! Plus our Amplify segment...



episode 251: CIPYD 251: Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey

Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey from the Homophilia podcast are here to tell us all about their pups Finn and Faye!


 2020-08-25  1h0m

episode 250: CIPYD 250: Hot Dogs, Dog Fur, and Parfaits

BIG NEWS! Inspired by this week's heatwave- we're getting into the thermometer game! Finally a podcast about dogs AND thermostats! (It's mostly about dogs still, just a lot of mercury rising talk up top.) In this week's Crumboat hear about Crumb's sandy new do and Tug's adorable kid neighbors, in what can only be described as a "parfait journalism." Then, Chris and Cappi bring ya a next-level My Mutt Minute, and dog fur might save the world in this week's Dog Science segment...


 2020-08-18  34m

episode 249: CIPYD 249: Tug's Etiquette and Wagner's Dogs

Well, HELLO! We kick this week off with Alexis assuring Renee that a potential facial hair crisis is a false alarm. Then in Crumboat, Crumb is hollering at house guests he doesn't know, and Tug is bowling over campers he doesn't know. We've got a top-notch My Mutt Minute from Sabrina, Phoebe, and Sadie and some yawn-proof dog history about Richard Wagner. Plus everyone's favorite Amplify segment! 

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Holly Haines - How to eat your feelings book. @itsholly on instagram...


 2020-08-11  27m

episode 248: CIPYD 248: James Arthur M and Vision Board Dogs

HAPPY LAST WEEK OF MAX FUN DRIVE! Ya did it! Ya made it! And we love, love, love LOVE ya for it. This week in Crumboat Crumb goes to his first drive-in movie and Tug is bullying Earthquakes. We've got a top choice My Mutt Minute from Keeper and Abby! And then everyone's favorite James Authur M. is here to delight us to no end. 


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 2020-08-04  1h0m

episode 247: CIPYD 247: Travis McEloy is here and 5 years!

Max Fun Drive Week 3!!! We're more than halfway through Max Fun Drive, and if we do say so ourselves, you listeners have been absolute CHAMPS about it all! We love you so much! This week it's our NBD 5 year anniversary, Alexis survives a drive-up vet appointment and Renee gets a glimpse of what it would be like to have an "easy' dog. Nora and Rivers are here with an A+++ My Mutt Minute...


 2020-07-28  53m