Can I Pet Your Dog?

Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!

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CIPYD 50: Hank and Peggy

Hello there and welcome to a VERY SPECIAL 50th episode! What makes it so special? The fact that YOU'RE here and YOU are great! In Dogs We Met This Week, we have a lot of dogs! Renee met Katie-Grace the Bulldog and Finn the Golden Doodle and Travis met...


 2016-07-05  50m

CIPYD 49: Jenna Kim Jones and Whippets

Hey there friends! The heat may have gotten to us in this episode. We start by telling stories of our heat-induced road rage. In Dogs We Met This Week, it's a Wilbur Watch 2016 update! Mutt Minute is all about the Whippet! We're joined this week by...


 2016-06-28  44m

CIPYD 48: Emily Axford and Bedlington Terriers

Hello friends! It's a hot one out there today, but we're trying to have a positive attitude in Q3! So let's stay positive and tell you what you are in for! In Dogs We Met This Week, hear about big dog Rocky! Learn all about the Bedlington...


 2016-06-21  49m

CIPYD 47: Utkarsh Ambudkar and Becca Murray

Hey there friends! Are you having a good day? It's about to get a whole lot gooder! We've got a whole lot of amazing episode for you! We have a Dogs We Met This Week update on Teddy and Arwen, the Window Dogs! In Mutt Minute, learn all about the...


 2016-06-14  1h0m

CIPYD 46: Andrew WK and Jesse Thorn

Oh my goodness! Are you ever in for a treat this week! First, we are joined by special guest host Jesse Thorn. Or, as we like to call him, THE KING. In Dogs We Met This Week, Allegra met some mystery window dogs and Jesse met some mystery flea market...


 2016-06-07  58m

CIPYD 45: Matt Braunger and Chinese Crested

Hello friends! Welcome to another episode! First, Travis has a couple big announcements! Travis and Allegra both have Dogs We Met This Week and Travis shares some of his pet pet peeves! Allegra tells us all about the Chinese Crested in Mutt Minute!...


 2016-05-31  56m

CIPYD 44: We Got This Crossover Special

Hello friends and welcome to a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE!!! We're joined by our twin MaximumFun podcast We Got This! (And we joined them on their episode this week, go listen!) Hal and Mark are super Super Guests and join us for the WHOLE EPISODE! In Dogs...


 2016-05-24  44m

CIPYD 43: Bat Dog

Hello there friends! Guest producer Rob Pera is sitting in for Travis this week, and things are getting crazy around CIPYD HQ. Allegra tells us about Blue Heelers, Renee tells us about being a temporary dog owner as she dogsits Norma and Gizmo,...


 2016-05-17  34m

CIPYD 42: Alison Becker and Newfoundlands

Well, hey there! Thanks for stopping in! We're so excited to share today's episode with you! You'll get to hear about Duchess the coffee shop dog and Remy the French Bulldog in Dogs We Met This Week! Learn all about Newfoundlands and their amazing...


 2016-05-10  50m

CIPYD 41: Julie Klausner and Bull Terriers

Hey there everyone! Welcome to another great episode! In Dogs We Met This Week, it's been a great big-dog week for the Colvert family! A big Noodle and a new Great Dane! In Mutt Minute, learn all about Bull Terriers and the "original party...


 2016-05-03  40m