Can I Pet Your Dog?

Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!

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CIPYD 23: New Year's Resolutions

Well friends, things are a little rough health-wise over here at CIPYD HQ! Don't worry, we didn't let it stop us from bringing you a brand new episode! On this episode, Renee tells us about a very special dog she met over the holidays. Allegra teaches...


 2015-12-29  30m

CIPYD 22: Matt Nelson and Dog Mayor

Happy Holidays everyone! We've brought a sack full of presents for you! First, enjoy this very special and personal Dog We Met This Week! In Mutt Minute, unwrap some Cairn Terrier knowledge! We've got a box full of interview with Matt Nelson of...


 2015-12-22  40m

CIPYD 21: Noël Wells and Sleeping Dogs

A chill is in the air, but it's warm in the studio! Travis is back this week and we welcome him with a brand new title! In Dogs We Met, Renee encountered two pugs or perhaps we should say "puglets"? Have you noticed less and less Cocker Spaniels...


 2015-12-15  43m

CIPYD 20: Emily Heller and PALS

What an extra special episode this week! First, we've got an extra special producer this week! Former guest and friend of the show Teresa McElroy is working the sound board this week! In Dogs We Met, three very special dogs! In Mutt Minute, the very...


 2015-12-08  40m

CIPYD 19: Will Weldon and Dog Video

Have we got a special deal for you! It's a special twofer episode! We have two, I repeat TWO dogs we met this week. Allegra met a fat Chihuahua at the dog park and Travis met the puppiest puppy at an appliance store. We're joined by comedian and...


 2015-12-01  48m

CIPYD Ep. 18: Stacy Rumaker and State Dogs

It's that very special time of year once again! Happy two days before Thanksgiving! In very special Dogs We Met This Week, has Renee met a possible love interest? Or just another weirdo pretending they have a dog? We may never know! In Mutt...


 2015-11-24  47m

CIPYD 17: Jeff Wysaski and Otto the Skateboarding Dog

We're so happy you're here! Welcome once again to the show! We start this one off with Dereck the Chubby Puggle in Dogs We Met This Week.  Have you heard about the Bernese Mountain Dog? Well, you'll hear all about it in Mutt Minute! Every so...


 2015-11-17  37m

CIPYD 16: Margaret Willison and Sgt. Stubby

What an episode! We've got so much great stuff for you! We've got a pretty epic Dog We Met This Week two-fer! And yes, the ladies DO embarrass themselves! In Mutt Minute, a split-nosed non-barking dog! We're joined this week by Margaret Willison of...


 2015-11-10  39m

CIPYD 15: Asterios Kokkinos and Puglet

Welcome, welcome, welcome all! We're joined this week by super-guest Asterios Kokkinos for the whole episode! You probably know him from a bunch of things including writing for MaxFun's own International Waters! And he brought PRESENTS! Also on this...


 2015-11-03  40m

CIPYD 14: Teresa McElroy and Last Minute Costumes

This week we are getting spooky! But first, here all about the working dog we met this week! Spoiler alert, it involves Renee embarrassing herself! In Mutt Minute, learn all about the amazing Otter Hound! We're joined by Teresa McElroy to discuss...


 2015-10-27  41m