Can I Pet Your Dog?

Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!

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episode 8: Ep. 8: Chelsey Crisp and Norbert the Dog

It's time once again friends! We met two amazing dogs this week! A Pomeranian in Vegas and Buzz in the desert, WHAT A WEEK! Renee tells up all about the New Guinea Singing Dog in this week's Mutt Minute! Be prepared to be overwhelmed by cuteness when we tell you about Norbert the Hero Dog! We're joined by Chelsey Crisp (Fresh Off The Boat) so she can tell us all about her dog history! Finally, a new segment filled with all the things we thought we should mention! The Rock, Tom Hardy and Jesse...


 2015-09-15  37m

episode 7: Ep. 7: Dog Debate

Sit right down and enjoy another episode of Can I Pet Your Dog! On this episode, Travis tells us all about a dog he met while on the road! Renee and Allegra both did some dog-sitting this week! We finally get into a heated debate about big dogs, small dogs and medium dogs! Which team are you on? we also have another installment of Mutt Minute! And finally, Allegra tells us all about a new app in Stupid Dog Tech! Join us, won't you?


 2015-09-08  39m

episode 6: Ep. 6: Halloween and Corporal Smoky

Welcome to another episode of Can I Pet Your Dog! On this episode, Renee talks about a dog she has not met but desperately wants to! Have any ideas for costumes for your dog this Halloween? Be sure to share them and any photos you have of your dog dressed up with us! We've got some exciting dog news in Dog Victories this week! Allegra has something to admit in this week's Mutt Minute! Finally, hear all about the heroic tale of WW2 hero Smoky: The Yorkie Doodle Dandy! Don't forget to share your...


 2015-09-01  37m

episode 5: Ep. 5: National Dog Day and Ask a Trainer

Happy National Dog Day Eve everyone! Do you have big plans for NDD? How about listening to our show and sharing it with your friends and family! We have lots of other suggestions for how to celebrate in this very special episode! Allegra tells Renee and Travis about a "Dog-saster" she experienced. In Mutt Minute this week, we learn all about the Lancashire Heeler...


 2015-08-25  35m

episode 4: Ep. 4: Mutt Minute and Julie Ann Emery

Hello and welcome once again to another episode! As always, we're ready to talk about the dog's we met this week, but first we consider a drastic name change in order to sound more like a morning radio show! We play a brand new game that we're calling "Name That Dog!" and have an extensive conversation on imaginary dogs! Actress Julie Ann Emery (Better Call Saul, Fargo) tells us all about her late dog Baxter (Spoiler: he was a pretty great dog!) Another brand new segment this week that we're...


 2015-08-18  40m

episode 3: Ep. 03: Ask a Groomer and My Talking Dog

Hello again friends! This week, we talk with Jess Rona a professional dog groomer, and she answers all your questions! Well, all the ones we had time for! We talk about two dogs Allegra met this week. We tell you all about another weird dog app sweeping the nation! Travis gives us all the details on Meysi, the world's (possibly) smallest dog...


 2015-08-11  36m

episode 2: Ep. 2: Corgi Beach Day

We're back with episode two and we've got lots of updates for you! We learned all about guide dogs and what might cause a career change. Renee has lots to tell you about dog-sitting Pistachio! What dogs did we meet this week? Your dogs! We've received a ton of pictures of your dogs and we couldn't be happier! The big news this week: Renee and Allegra went to Corgi Beach Day! Not only was it awesome, they heard the greatest dog song ever...


 2015-08-04  35m

episode 1: Ep. 1: Tindog and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Welcome to the first episode! We jam-packed this one full of goodies just for you. Hear all about Renee's lovely encounter with a failed therapy dog...


 2015-07-29  45m

Episode 00: Hello!

Hello and welcome to CIPYD! What's CIPYD? Can I Pet Your Dog is the podcast for unashamed dog lovers! Every Monday, your hosts Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo will tell you about dogs they've met, dogs in the news and any other dog they can think of! They'll even have guests! Whether you're a dog owner, a dog enthusiast or just someone who likes great podcast, this is the show for you!


 2015-06-30  1m