Can We Talk?

Each month on Can We Talk?, the Jewish Women’s Archive features stories and conversations about Jewish women and the issues that shape our public and private lives. Alternating between a documentary style and a roundtable format, Can We Talk? includes profiles of historical and contemporary Jewish women, frank discussion of culture, politics, and current events, and little-known stories from our past and present. Contact us at Tell us what you think of the podcast! Take our survey at

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Bonus Episode: A Bintel Brief: For Richer or Poorer

While we're hard at work preparing for Can We Talk's fall season, enjoy this episode of A Bintel Brief, an advice show with a Jewish twist, from our friends at The Forward.


 2022-08-23  29m

Can We Talk? 2021-22 Season Wrap

In this wrap episode, Nahanni Rous, Jen Richler, and Judith Rosenbaum recap the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Seasons of Can We Talk?


 2022-06-28  19m

Episode 80: Toxic Hookup Culture in Jewish Youth Groups and Summer Camps

In this episode of Can We Talk?, Jen Richler talks with Dahlia Soussan, Ellanora Lerner, and Madeline Canfield, three of the founders of Jewish Teens for Empowered Consent, a group that is calling out what they say is a "toxic hookup culture" in Jewish summer camps and youth movements. 


 2022-06-21  24m

Episode 79: Word of the Week: Eshet Chayil

In the final installment of our Word of the Week series, we talk with Rena Nickerson, Miriam Anzovin and Rachel Stomel about the meaning of Eshet Chayil today and their memories of singing it growing up.


 2022-06-14  15m

Episode 78: Word of the Week: Gaslighting

In the second of our Word of the Week mini-series, we talk about the word "gaslighting"—where it came from and how it's used now—with linguist Rachel Steindel Burdin and psychotherapist Robin Stern. Comedian Judy Gold and TikTok star Miriam Anzovin also offer their takes on the word. 


 2022-05-31  14m

Episode 77: Word of the Week: Yenta

In the first of our new Word of the Week mini-series, we trace the evolution of the word yenta with Fiddler on the Roof scholar Jan Lisa Huttner, comedian Judy Gold, author Lizzie Skurnick, and Tik Tok star and Torah commentator Miriam Anzovin. 


 2022-05-24  12m

Episode 76: Message From Ukraine

In this episode of Can We Talk?, Nahanni Rous talks to Vlada Nedak, Executive Director of Project Kesher Ukraine, about her experiences of the war and about how it has affected the women in Project Kesher's network.


 2022-05-10  25m

Episode 75: Eleanor Reissa's Invisible Birthmark

In this episode of Can We Talk?, Nahanni Rous talks with Eleanor Reissa about how her life has been defined by being the daughter of people who lived through the Holocaust.


 2022-04-26  21m

Episode 74: A Half-Century of Women Rabbis

In this episode of Can We Talk?, we mark the 50th anniversary of women in the rabbinate by talking with three women rabbis about the challenges they've faced and the ways they're shaping the Jewish community. 


 2022-04-12  34m

Episode 73: An Orange Belongs on the Seder Plate Like...

In this episode of Can We Talk?, host Nahanni Rous talks with Susannah Heschel, who created the ritual of putting an orange on the seder plate, about the real meaning behind the symbol. 


 2022-04-05  19m