Canadian True Crime

Stories of some of the most heinous, controversial, heartbreaking and thought-provoking true crime cases, told by an Australian living in Canada. New episodes on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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93 The Chapais Fire Tragedy

SEASON FINALE - Back September 1 | Thanks for your support! QUEBEC | New Year’s Eve, 1979. The rural mining town of Chapais was preparing to bring in 1980 in style with a fundraiser for 300 people. But just after midnight, the careless actions of one...



92 The Murder of Robin Greene - Part 2

[ Part 2 of 2 ] MANITOBA |  The court hears testimony from Sydney Teerhuise and Dan Zupansky, the jury decides whether Sydney Teerhuise had intent to commit murder that day, and Dan Zupansky tells us what his theories are a...



91 The Murder of Robin Greene - Part 1

[ Part 1 of 2 ] MANITOBA  |   In 2003, the day after Canada Day, a 33 year old man walked through the front door of the Winnipeg Remand Centre. He said he’d woken up in his hotel room and there was a dead, dismembered body ...



90 The Mayerthorpe Tragedy - Part 3

[ Part 3 of 3 ] The conclusion. Watch: The Fifth Estate episode "collateral damage"  Credits:  Research: Danielle Paradis Additional research and writing: Kristi Lee Audio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams...


 2021-05-15  1h3m

89 The Mayerthorpe Tragedy - Part 2

[ Part 2 of 3 ] ALBERTA | With everyone questioning how the Mayerthorpe Tragedy was permitted to happen, the RCMP were convinced James Roszko must have had someone helping him—and they were determined to do whatever it took to find th...


 2021-05-15  1h4m

88 The Mayerthorpe Tragedy - Part 1

[ Part 1 of 3 ] ALBERTA | In 2005, bailiffs were sent to the property of a man called James Roszko to repossess a truck, but the situation devolved into a devastating tragedy that made international headlines. Podcast recommendati...


 2021-05-01  1h6m

87 The 1966 Bombing on Parliament Hill

ONTARIO | In 1966, a disgruntled man purchased ten sticks of dynamite, assembled a bomb, and travelled with it to Ottawa—headed for the Parliament of Canada. Podcast recommendation: Corpus Delecti - Robin "Rocky" Myers investigation special...


 2021-04-15  51m

86 The Johnson-Bentley Family Murders

BRITISH COLUMBIA | In August 1982, a family of six set out on what was supposed to be an idyllic two-week camping trip. They never returned home. This sparked what would be the most expensive and highly-publicized manhunt in Canadian history. Petitio...


 2021-04-01  1h26m

85 The Murder of Brayton Bullock

ONTARIO | In 2006, a close-knit family tried to deal with an escalating crisis, but they could only do so much before the situation ended in a devastating and senseless tragedy. Resources related to Canadian Victims of Crime Canadian Victims Bill of ...


 2021-03-15  1h17m

84 The Lush and Whiteway Families

NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR | In 2019, Josh Whiteway and Suzanne Lush were ready to return to Calgary after spending a wonderful week with their families in Lewisporte, NL. But on the way to the airport, they would be involved in a trag...


 2021-03-01  55m