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Higher education was never so easy, It's not about getting high, its about living better Cannabis School is a chilled out, entertaining and educational show, promoting responsible conversations about personal consumption. Removing the fears, stigmas and questions around cannabis, Led by your hosts Brandon Elder and Jesse Angeles. For Questions or to submit feedback please email: A Flow Media Production Support this podcast:

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CandyLand - Sativa

This sativa strain is extremely potent and gets you to an elevated state so fast, that this has become a favorite for Brandon & Jesse. This is crossed with Granddaddy Purple & Bay Platinum Cookies. Its leaves you uplifted, energetic and a bit chatty. This episode Jesse & Brandon take the Crossing core 2.0& the Auxo Cenote for a spin using Candyland in wax form. We also got to enjoy some Cycling Frog D9 infused drinks...



Modified Grapes - Indica

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This sweet strain is a cross between GMO & Purple Punch. This hybrid indica leaning strain is great for those who need to get some sleep, helps with anxiety, and when the mood strikes.....



StarDawg - Sativa

This hybrid Sativa leaning strain packs a well balanced elevation that keeps the smiles coming and the stress behind. A cross between Chemdog 4 & Tres dog, is a great supplement for those that have stress and fatigue keeping them down. As we consumed this tasty strain in wax for and in the Dab X Go! This extremely well crafted e dab rig is as effective as it is cool. Check out the link to get you one down below.

Check out the Dab X go - https://dabx...



Cannabis School Presents - Wendy Jane HHC

Today we have on the show Mark & Abhilash from Wendy Jane. The give us perspective on how HHC is made and why we as consumers need to demand higher quality cannabis products through stronger regulations and stringent processes to ensure all of us get the cleanest, safest & highest quality products. Check out Wendy Jane:

Work with the guys from Wendy Jane -




Sour Skittles

Ready to taste the rainbow? ???? Dive into this episode as we unwrap the colorful vibes of Sour Skittles. This strain? It's like a candy store for your senses. Zesty citrus meets sweet berry with that iconic sour kick.

Here's what we're breaking down:

  • The vibrant aroma and flavor profile of Sour Skittles.
  • The uplifting and creative buzz it brings.
  • Our personal experiences and favorite moments with this strain...


 2023-08-29  34m

Banana Kush

Dive into this episode as we light up some smooth Banana Kush vibes. This strain? Absolute magic. Think tropical feels, a hint of banana, and that classic euphoric lift. ????? But here's the twist: We're trying it out with the Zenco Duo Vaporizer. Sleek design, big hits, and man, does it make the 510 thread experience feel new again. If you've ever wondered how Banana Kush tastes at its finest, this vaporizer's got some answers. We chat about: The sweet aroma and effects of Banana Kush...


 2023-08-22  35m

Cannabis 101 - Micro Dosing

Today we drop into the world of micro dosing THC and psilocybin. Can you micro dose THC accurately? Will you even feel anything? Who should micro dose and when? What are the benefits of micro dosing? What can psilocybin micro dosing do for you? Brandon & Jesse dive in and share stories they have personally experienced. Stories of others they know and how if effected their lives...


 2023-08-15  1h5m

Alaskan Thunder Fu*k

Get ready to learn about Alaskan Thunderfuck, a special kind of cannabis

They say it originated in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley as a cross between an unnamed Northern California strain and an unnamed Russian ruderalis, The baby of these two strains was then crossed with an Afghani indica landrace.

Tune in to see why this incredible Sativa was not the experience Jesse was expecting

To try Discreet go to : ?https://discreet...


 2023-08-08  19m

Kosher Dog

Ok… this is by far one of the best strains that Brandon and Jesse have tried. It’s a super relaxing and non heady strain. Having a hard time sleeping? Kosher dawg has got you. Want to enjoy the company of others even though your just don’t with your day? Kosher dawg has you. It’s an amazing strain that allows you to disconnect so you can reconnect with others. Listen in to this episode about how Kosher Dawg is in our weekly rotation.

To try Discreet go to : https://discreet...


 2023-08-01  34m

Acapulco Gold

This is one of the OG strains from the past that is still enjoyed to this very day. Dreams of Mexico dance in our heads as we enjoy this amazing sativa that increases creativity and energy. Todays episode we give one of our favorite strains it’s time in the light. Help the show hit its goal of 420 Supporters!  ? For Questions or to submit feedback please email  ? ?


 2023-07-25  20m