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How do you go from comfortable affluence to real wealth? Listen to the Capital Gains podcast, by, with host and professional real estate investor Jonathan Twombly. In interviews with top professionals, we'll discuss alternative investments you might not have known about that can help you go beyond merely obtaining a passive income to growing your asset base and becoming truly wealthy.

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episode 55: How Tyler Sheff Profitably Turns D-Class Properties into Safe, Clean Affordable Housing

Full show notes at D-Class properties can appear to be an unattractive asset class to many investors. But while they can often seem risky, the requirement for low-income housing continues to rise in America, and with the...


 2018-01-02  43m

episode 54: How Rod Khleif Built a $50 Million Net Worth After Losing It All In The 2008 Crash

Full show notes at You can organize your schedule how you want. Rod uses a paper planner that contains pictures that have been in there for 19 years. Some are pictures of material items (like cars) that he wanted and ended...


 2017-12-26  44m

episode 53: 3 Lessons Joe Fairless Learned to Control $265 Million in Real Estate Assets

Full show notes at Justin Cooke used to build online businesses himself. But after selling some in an effort to scale up profits in his line of work, he stumbled into a new field: creating and managing a marketplace...


 2017-12-19  43m

episode 52: Looking for You Next Great Investment? Here’s Why It’s Time To Consider Buying An Online Business [Best of Capital Gains]

Justin Cooke used to build online businesses himself. But after selling some in an effort to scale up profits in his line of work, he stumbled into a new field: creating and managing a marketplace for buying and selling the type of businesses he had...


 2017-12-12  44m

episode 51: Automation Will Change Investing Forever, Says Finance Expert Charles Hugh Smith [Best of Capital Gains]

Charles Hugh Smith wonders if we will have enough paid work in the future, and what will happen if we won’t. Automation is becoming more and more widespread, but does it offer a sustainable economic model for the future? Today’s episode of Capital...


 2017-12-05  39m

episode 50: How A First Time Investor Can Get Started Making Money in Real Estate [ Best of Capital Gains ]

Investing in real estate for the first time can be daunting. But with expert advice, there’s no need to go in blind. On today’s episode of Capital Gains, we are joined by Joe Fairless, real estate investor and host of the world’s longest-running...


 2017-11-28  56m

episode 49: The Investor’s Playbook: Real Estate Deals You Don’t Have To Worry About In A Bad Economy

Real estate investment is in an awkward time at the moment. There have been great returns for the past eight years, but there is now a lot more volatility. With many investors predicting an impending correction or recession, is now really a good time...


 2017-11-21  36m

episode 48: How to Get Started in Passive Real Estate Investing

First-time investments can be daunting, especially for the risk adverse. But understanding the real estate market and the types of investments available will help you make the best choice. On today’s podcast Capital Gains host, Jonathan Twombly, is...


 2017-11-14  49m

episode 46: How You Can Control Your Investments for Financial Freedom w/ Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro

Full show notes at When Jake and Gino met in 2010, Jake was working in pharmaceutical sales and Gino was running a restaurant. They both knew they...


 2017-11-07  51m

episode 45: Avoid Short-Term Risk for Huge Long-Term Gains with Flexible Exchange Traded Funds

There are plenty of traditional long-term investment opportunities out there, but where do you look for something different? Is it possible to invest without paying the fees for an active manager? Global X Funds has a solution which allows you to...


 2017-10-31  40m