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How do you go from comfortable affluence to real wealth? Listen to the Capital Gains podcast, by, with host and professional real estate investor Jonathan Twombly. In interviews with top professionals, we'll discuss alternative investments you might not have known about that can help you go beyond merely obtaining a passive income to growing your asset base and becoming truly wealthy.

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Expert Who Sold $1 Billion in Real Estate Cautions Current Market Investors

Take it from someone who has sold over $1 billion in real estate -- we are at the top of the market, and investors looking to buy now should take caution. Pat Hiban is a former real estate broker turned investor. He's best known as the host of his own...


 2017-06-06  46m

Leaving College to Become a Pioneer in Website Investments |Ep. 033 with Ace Chapman

Today's guest is a true self-made man. A pioneer in the realm of website investments, Ace Chapman. In this episode, we explore how Chapman found himself investing in his first website way before most people realized this was even possible. Chapman...


 2017-05-23  52m

How Marketing Skills Helped Jason Hartman Build a Real Estate Empire | Ep 032

Jason Hartman has built a real estate empire, purchasing hundreds of single-family homes around the country since he was just 19 years old. In this episode of the Capital Gains podcast, Hartman shares how his marketing skills helped him build his own...


 2017-05-16  57m

Leading Parking Lots Broker on Going for the Cash Flow | Ep 031 with John Roy

Today's guest is John Roy, the country's leading broker and consultant in parking lots and the head of JNL Parking. In today's podcast, John tells us how he got his start in parking lots while he was a student — buying some dilapidated houses...


 2017-05-09  43m

How to Create a Mobile Home Investing Empire with Kevin Bupp | Ep 30

Today's guest is Kevin Bupp, master mobile home investor and host of the Investing for Cash Flow podcast. Kevin shares with us how the real estate crash nearly wiped him out as an investor in single-family homes, how he successfully worked his way...


 2017-05-02  45m

How to Strategically Invest in Media and Music Royalties | Ep 28 with Jeffrey Schneider of Royalty Exchange

Whenever an artist, like a musician, creates a work, they create a valuable asset with an income stream called a royalty. Royalties can be bought and sold, and are a unique investment. If artists want to convert the unrealized value of their royalty...


 2017-04-25  1h8m

How a Self-Made Man Diversifies His Investments with Nicholas Coriano | Capital Gains Ep. 28

Today's guest is Nicholas Coriano, who can only be described as a true self-made man. Nicholas owns Homescape LLC, a holding company for his various investment interests. Which include domain names, and eCommerce development, coins and precious...


 2017-04-04  57m

How to Invest in a Lawsuit: Learn Litigation Funding with Jay Greenberg

Now, I'm willing to bet that you didn't realize that a lawsuit is an asset for the plaintiff. If the case is very strong, it's a very valuable asset. Since the 1980s, people have been investing in lawsuits by advancing the cost to the plaintiff in...


 2017-03-28  33m

Self Storage Investing with Scott Meyers | Capital Gains Ep. 26

Welcome to the Capital Gains podcast! I'm your host, Jonathan Twombly. Today's guest is Scott Meyers, the owner of Self Storage Investing. Scott has an amazing story having worked his way up from buying $30,000 houses to bigger multi-family deals and...


 2017-03-21  45m

Why Buy a Boat When You Can Invest in Marinas and Boat Yards?

In this episode of the Capital Gains podcast, Jim Bronstein of Marine Business Advisors shares why investing in marinas and boat yards could be worth your while. Jim has been in the boat yard and marina business for more than 35 years as an operator,...


 2017-03-08  50m