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Captain's Log is a collection of Star Trek features from the writers at Narrated by our crew of hosts from across the network, Captain’s Log brings to life our written word articles with topics spanning the entire Star Trek franchise including The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and of course the films.

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12: The Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation

An offering of five of the best episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


 2011-09-30  7m

11: The Best of Star Trek: The Original Series

An offering of five of the best episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series.


 2011-09-20  6m

10: Vulcans Running Amok! The Pon Farr

It's a matter of biology that Vulcans do not even discuss it amongst themselves! So brace yourself, and send the kids to the other room.


 2011-09-13  17m

9: Twitterfic: Role Players Explore Strange New Worlds On Twitter

Fans create new Enterprise adventures 140 characters at a time.


 2011-09-09  9m

8: Borgified! The Assimilation of Star Trek: Voyager

Was Voyager really assimilated by the Borg? We examine just how far they infiltrated the series.


 2011-09-07  9m

7: There's an Orb for That...

One of the unique aspects of DS9 was the inclusion of religion and spirituality. Here's a look at the ten Orbs of the Prophets.


 2011-09-02  11m

6: Coming of Age for Star Trek The Animated Series

Enterprise is often referred to as the fifth Star Trek series. In reality this is not true. There was a series between TOS and TNG that often gets overlooked. One that was created with ink and paper rather than cameras and lights. One that broke new groun


 2011-08-24  11m

5: It Takes More Than a Few to Make a Crew

The Constitution Class Starship Enterprise boasts 430 crew members. We all know the bridge crew, but what about the rest of the folks who keep the ship running? Let’s get acquainted with a few of the key personnel whose faces were a ubiquitous and essen


 2011-08-19  10m

4: Assignment: Earth

It’s the Star Trek episode that isn’t quite Star Trek. At the end of the second season of TOS Gene Roddenberry, with the help of writer Art Wallace, reworked an unsucessful pilot script entitled “Assignment: Earth” hoping it would serve as a sprin


 2011-08-16  11m

3: Recounting Broken Bow and First Impressions of Enterprise

The premise of Enterprise takes Star Trek into uncharted territory. After 18 years of life in the 24th century, we’re going back in time to tackle the untold history of the days before Kirk. Now, ten years later, whether this was ultimately a success is


 2011-08-12  8m