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Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.


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Follow NPR's Caucus Night Coverage

Here's a quick rundown of how to follow NPR's coverage of the 2016 Iowa caucuses. We're trying something a little different. This evening, visit npr.org for our Election 2016 mobile hub — featuring a live stream of our radio coverage alongside a multimedia smorgasbord of results, data, and reporting on the caucuses as they happen. If you don't have cable, this is for you. Or if you're the type of person who'll be watching cable news tonight, try out that mute button! Head to npr...


 2016-02-01  1m

Weekly Roundup: Friday, January 29

Two stories dominated politics this week: Donald Trump's feud with Fox News over the latest GOP debate, and the countdown to the 2016 Iowa caucuses. This episode, from Des Moines, Iowa Public Radio host Clay Masters joins podcast host Tamara Keith, with political editor Domenico Montanaro and campaign reporter Scott Detrow in Washington. Find the team on Twitter @Clay_Masters, @tamarakeithNPR, @DomenicoNPR, and @scottdetrow, and at npr.org/politics — or email the show at nprpolitics@npr.org.


 2016-01-29  31m

Episode 18: The Paradox of Forgiveness

After more than a decade of brutal civil war, perpetrators and victims attempted to find peace around bonfires across Sierra Leone. This week on Hidden Brain, a story about forgiving the unforgivable, and the cost of reconciliation.


 2016-01-26  20m

Quick Take: The 'Ground Game' One Week From Iowa

With a week to go until the Iowa Caucuses, it may all hinge on which candidate has the best ground game. This episode, political correspondent Mara Liasson and campaign reporter Scott Detrow join host Tamara Keith. Find them on Twitter @MaraLiasson, @scottdetrow, and @tamarakeithNPR, or at npr.org/politics — or email the show at nprpolitics@npr.org.


 2016-01-25  13m

Weekly Roundup: Friday, January 22

This week, while the Democratic side of the presidential race reaches a new level of intensity, Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump keeps things as unpredictable as ever on the GOP side. Plus a discussion of NPR's recent interviews with Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz. This episode, political editor Domenico Montanaro, campaign reporter Sarah McCammon, and All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro join host Sam Sanders...


 2016-01-22  39m

Quick Take: The Peril of Polls with The Upshot

Polls drive a lot of political news. To talk about why, how they work, and what might be wrong with them, Nate Cohn, who writes for The Upshot at the New York Times, joins host Tamara Keith and digital political reporter Danielle Kurtzleben. Find them on Twitter @tamarakeithNPR, @titonka, @Nate_Cohn, or at npr.org/politics.


 2016-01-19  21m

Episode 17: Resolutions

Today is the perfect day to (re)start your resolution. Here's how.


 2016-01-19  23m

Weekly Roundup: Friday, January 15

This week, a recap of Thursday night's GOP debate, a look at the new levels of competition between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and — two weeks from the Iowa Caucuses — which state might really be the most demographically representative in the nation. Plus a listener question and what the NPR Politics team can't let go. This episode: editor and correspondent Ron Elving and campaign reporter Asma Khalid join hosts Sam Sanders and Tamara Keith...


 2016-01-15  37m

Quick Take: The State of the Union

President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address Tuesday night. National political correspondent Mara Liasson and congressional reporter Susan Davis join host Sam Sanders for a breakdown of the speech. Find the team on Twitter @samsanders, @DaviSusan, @MaraLiasson, and at npr.org/politics


 2016-01-13  20m

Episode 16: Misbehaving

From eating marshmallows to spending lottery winnings, Shankar Vedantam talks with behavioral economist Richard Thaler about his book Misbehaving.


 2016-01-12  23m