Cars That Matter

Cars that Matter is all about cars that have captured people’s hearts. They are the special cars, and they come from every decade since the dawn of the Automotive Age. They might be from the Brass Era or today’s Battery Era. They have names like 911 or SL, Corvette or Countach, or simply M. All have fueled passion in the people who created them, owned them, raced them, or sometimes—with remorse—parted with them. From CurtCo Media. ​ On Cars That Matter, we talk with designers, engineers, race-car drivers, market experts, historians, restorers and collectors about the brightest luminaries in the automotive universe. What connects our guests and our audience? Like ourselves, each has a love affair with the automobile. Or maybe many. For all of us, these cars are not merely brands, like toothpaste or a pair of tennis shoes. Each one bears a marque, with a crest or ornament atop its hood. And every one of them has a fascinating story to tell.

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episode 72: 72 - "Inside Car Auctions" with Mecum Auction host John Kraman

Cars That Matter hosts John Kraman who is the TV host of Mecum Auctions where he and Robert discuss all the history, memories, and trends of with the famous auction house.


 January 23, 2023  41m

episode 71: 71 - “Italian Car Restoration” with Gary Bobileff of Bobileff Motorcar Company

Cars That Matter is back with a special episode. On this week’s show, Robert chats with long time competition judge and owner of Bobileff Motorcar company Gary Bobileff. Gary specializes in Italian car restoration and is one of the leaders in the country for his custom work.


 December 8, 2022  35m

episode 70: 70 - "Le Mans" (1971) 50th Anniversary with Derek Bell, Marshall Terrill, and Jay Gillotti

Derek Bell (5-time Winner of Le Mans and stunt driver for Steve McQueen), Marshall Terrill (author of six books covering the life and career of Steve McQueen), and Jay Gillotti (Porsche author and expert), discuss the filme "Le Mans", it's impact on Porsche, and how it challenged the Hollywood system.


 June 28, 2021  42m

episode 69: 69 - Bobby Haas, Stacey Mayfield, Haas Moto Museum, and "Leaving Tracks"

Bobby Haas (Founder and Owner of the Haas Moto Museum) and Stacey Mayfield (Chief Operating Officer of the Haas Moto Museum) discuss the museum, their new award-winning documentary "Leaving Tracks", and Bobby's extraordinary life.


 June 21, 2021  52m

episode 68: 68 - Alexander Klatt, Automobili Estrema, and Fulminea

Alexander Klatt, Chief Creative Officer with Automobili Estrema, discusses Fulminea, Italian car design and electric vehicles, as well as his approach to design in general.


 June 14, 2021  47m

episode 67: 67 - Marlon Goldberg and Workshop 5001

Marlon Goldberg, owner and founder of Workshop 5001, joins the show to discuss Porsche and specialty car restorations. He also talks about the precision details that go into honoring the legacy of Porsche, and how the Porsche community has changed in recent years.


 June 7, 2021  35m

episode 66: 66 - "Jeep: Past, Present, and Future" with Paul Bruno, Randall Withrow, and Mark Allen

In honor of Memorial Day, Robert Ross re-examines the origins of Jeep--a vehicle that ultimately turned the tides of WW2 for America...


 May 31, 2021  38m

episode 65: 65 - Mark Allen and Jeep

Mark Allen, Director Head of Design at Jeep, discusses the significance of the Jeep brand in America, the new line up of 2021 models, and what Jeep might look like in the future.


 May 24, 2021  37m

episode 64: 64 - Tim McGrane and M1 Concourse

Tim McGrane, CEO of M1 Concourse, joins the show to talk about M1 Concourse, the American Speed Festival, and the Woodward Dream Show, while looking back on his career and love of automobiles.


 May 17, 2021  38m

episode 63: 63 - Jim Marietta, Ted Sutton, and the Original Venice Crew - Pt. 2

Jim Marietta and Ted Sutton, members of the Original Venice Crew, join to discuss their time working with Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, Peter Brock, and Phil Remington, and the purpose of their new company and the cars they seek to create and preserve.


 May 10, 2021  31m