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This is not your average beer show. You won't find consistent beer reviews or the latest opinion gossip about the industry. The Cascadian Beer Podcast is about the people behind the local breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Each episode is dedicated to a single brewery; we profile their history, how they started and their place in the local community. Cascadia is a bio-region in the Pacific Northwest which is made up of the US States of Washington & Oregon, as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia. This is an area that helped kickstart the craft beer industry in North America and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Subscribe to the Cascadian Beer Podcast to learn and discover new breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Visit the website:

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episode 75: Mid-Island, British Columbia

In this episode of the podcast, I'm focusing on a single community on Vancouver Island. Mid-Island you'll find the communities of Qualicum Beach and Parkville. Located here are two very different types of breweries. I spoke with Dave Paul of LoveShack Libations and Dave Woodward of Mount Arrowsmith Brewing.



episode 74: Port Alberni, British Columbia

In this episode of the podcast, I'm focusing on a single community on Vancouver Island. The city of Port Alberni is located pretty much in the center of Vancouver Island, with the drive being just over an hour from Nanaimo. I'll be speaking with both of the breweries who've open here, Twin City Brewing & Dog Mountain Brewing.


 2020-04-22  42m

episode 73: Cannery Brewing & Bad Tattoo Brewing - Penticton, BC

In the Okanagan Valley is the small British Columbia town of Penticton. In recent years, this town has seen a boom in local breweries opening their doors. So much so that Lonely Planet named Penticton Canada’s “craft beer capital" for the year 2020.  In this episode, I'll be featuring two brewers from two breweries, Ross Thompson of Cannery Brewing and Liam Hutcheson of Bad Tattoo Brewing.


 2020-03-20  31m

episode 72: Kettle River Brewing Co. - Kelowna, British Columbia

Last Summer I was enjoying... and slightly melting, in the heat of the Okanagon while visiting Kelowna, BC. Kettle River Brewing Company is a small batch neighborhood brewery that has seen great support from the community as well as the local industry. Opening their doors in 2016 they've since expanded and added to their location. I sat down with Chris, Wilson, and Russ from the brewery.


 2020-02-21  14m

episode 71: Canoe Brewpub - Victoria, British Columbia

In the provincial capital of Victoria, not too far away from friends of the podcast Swan's Brewpub and Spinnarks is another historic brewery. Open in 1996 Canoe Brewpub is located in a historic 100-year-old building close to the Victoria Waterfront by the Johnson Street Bridge. In recent years they've had some major renovations done to the space with some more on the way. I sat down to their brewmaster Kyle York.


 2020-01-22  10m

episode 70: Three Ranges Brewing - Valemount, BC

I was very fortunate to travel to a region of the province I've always wanted to visit. I hit the road and headed north to Valemount, British Columbia. In this small town in the interior, they have an award-winning Brewery and a pretty awesome beer festival as well. I sat down with the general manager of Three Ranges Brewing, Michael Lewis.


 2019-12-20  17m

episode 69: Andina Brewing Company - Vancouver, BC

East Van, or in the beer community known as "Yeast Van", is a major craft beer center in Vancouver, British Columbia. One of them being Andina Brewing Company. Who are about to celebrate their third birthday! Andina mixes the founder's heritage with creative experimental flavors for their beers. I sat down with Co-Owner, Andrés Amaya and Brewmaster, Ben Greenberg.


 2019-11-29  26m

episode 68: Varietal Brewing Co. - Sunnyside, WA

On a weekend trip to the Yakima Valley to witness the start of this year's hop harvest. I was fortunate to meet a lot of people in the beer community there. One of them being Varietal Brewing from Sunnyside, WA. Founded in 2006, they have been a great addition to their local community. I sat down with Co-Owner & Brewer, Chris Baum.


 2019-11-15  18m

episode 67: Marten Brewing Co. - Vernon, BC

Located in downtown Vernon BC, Marten Brewery and Pub open their doors in 2015. Voted as one of British Columbia’s Best tasting rooms, the space is large and open with the brewery visible from almost every vantage point in the pub. Recently, the team has started creating things other than beer with their Kombucha brand UnderGround Beverages. I sat down with owner Stefan Marten and brewmaster Joe Strickland.


 2019-10-19  16m

Brewing Industry Update 2019 with Bart Watson

I connected with the Brewers Association's Chief Economist Bart Watson on how the beer industry is doing in 2019. This has become a bit of an annual chat so I was excited to talk numbers and see how the industry has changed from last year.


 2019-10-07  10m