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This is not your average beer show. You won't find consistent beer reviews or the latest opinion gossip about the industry. The Cascadian Beer Podcast is about the people behind the local breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Each episode is dedicated to a single brewery; we profile their history, how they started and their place in the local community. Cascadia is a bio-region in the Pacific Northwest which is made up of the US States of Washington & Oregon, as well as the Canadian province of British Columbia. This is an area that helped kickstart the craft beer industry in North America and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Subscribe to the Cascadian Beer Podcast to learn and discover new breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Visit the website:



      episode 51: Smithers Brewing Company - Smithers, BC

      I’ve traveled all over Cascadia so far in this series, but this is the furthest north I’ve been so far. I’m in Smithers, BC, a community with a population around 6,000. I wanted to know the challenges of opening a brewery so far North and what the communities response has been. So I stopped into Smithers Brewing Company and spoke with brewmaster Cameron McKeigan. Thanks to The BC Ale Trail for making this episode possible.  Cascadian Beer Podcast ...



      episode 50: Callister Brewing - Vancouver, BC

      Located in East Vancouver… Or in the brewing world commonly referred to as “Yeast Van” is a brewery unlike any other in Canada. Callister Brewing is home to multiple breweries sharing the space to test and grow their brands.  Thanks to The BC Ale Trail for making this episode possible.  In this episode you'll hear from: Chris Lay of Callister Brewing Kevin Garneau, Ben Gradidge & Charles Lacarin of Sundown Brewing Tim Rennie of Good Buddy Beer Cascadian Beer Podcast Webs...


       2018-08-27  33m

      episode 49: Field House Brewing Co. - Abbotsford, BC

      I've traveled out to the Fraser Valley in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia to visit a brewery with an extremely local focus. Opening their doors in 2016, Field House Brewing Co. focus on using and incorporating local ingredients to not only their beers but to the food served in their tasting room as well. I sat down with the breweries Founder, Josh Vanderheide.


       2018-07-16  19m

      episode 48: Category 12 Brewing - Victoria, BC

      I’m back on Vancouver Island visiting a brewery that truly stands out in the BC beer scene. Category 12 is located just north of downtown Victoria and focus on being a little more experimental in the beers they produce. I sat down with Micheal & Karen Kuzyk. Thanks to The BC Ale Trail for making this episode possible.  Category 12 Brewing Website: Cascadian Beer Podca...


       2018-06-11  21m

      episode 46: Backcountry Brewing - Squamish, British Columbia

      Along the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia is the community of Squamish. Known as the recreational capital of Canada, this small town is home to a brewery that embraces that spirit to heart. I sat down with two of the co-founders Ben Reeder & John Folinsbee of Backcountry Brewing.

      Thanks to The BC Ale Trail for making this episode possible. 



       2018-05-07  18m

      episode 46: Hoyne Brewing Co. - Victoria, BC

      Victoria, British Columbia is a key center for craft beer in BC. Sean Hoyne started his career in at the iconic Swan’s Pub when it opened in 1989. From there he has been part of Victoria’s Craft Beer Scene ever since. In recent years, he finally had the opportunity to open his own brewery.

      Thanks to The BC Ale Trail for making this episode possible. 

      Hoyne Brewing...


       2018-03-25  40m

      episode 45: Victoria Beer Week - Victoria, BC

      I’ve traveled to Victoria, British Columbia to attend Victoria Beer Week. Now in its 5th year, this festival helps highlight not the history of craft beer in Victoria, but to Vancouver Island as well. The week featured a wide variety of events from themed beer nights, food pairings, homebrewing classes and much more. 

      In this episode I speak with...
      Joe Wiebe - Thirsty Writer & Organizer...


       2018-03-12  47m

      episode 44: Ex Novo Brewing Company - Portland, OR

      Community focus has been at the core of Ex Novo Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon since they opened their doors in July of 2014. While attending The Great American Beer Festival I had an opportunity to sit down with the Founder Joel Gregoryof this unique brewery.

      Ex Novo Brewing Company

      Cascadian Beer...


       2018-02-25  11m

      episode 43: Strange Fellows Brewing - Vancouver, BC

      Along Clark Drive in Vancouver, BC is a brewery inspired by old world traditions while still staying true to the Pacific Northwest. Part of Vancouver “Yeast Van” neighborhood, Strange Fellows Brewing opened their doors in 2014. I spoke with Owner & Brewmaster Ian Hill.

      Strange Fellows Brewing

      Cascadian Beer...


       2018-02-12  29m

      episode 42: Bandon Brewing Company - Bandon, OR

      Today I’m speaking with Bandon Brewing Company, a brewery that recently opened its doors in, you guessed it, Bandon, OR. Although they had been working on perfecting their beer before opening some 250 miles away in Portland, OR with the help of some close friends. I sat down with them while at the Great American Beer Festival 2017.

      Bandon Brewing...


       2018-01-28  11m