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      Monday 22nd January 2018

      We spoke to Hughesy and Kate about their new show.

      School uniform sizes are making a change.

      Cat recently sold her Mazda 3 – what happened to it?

      Amos was attacked at the beach.

      Angus hasn’t played cricket before but gave it a go in the name of charity.

      Have you done something on the cheap that backfired?

      Ed Sheeran is engaged – did you marry your high school sweetheart?



      Friday 19th January 2018

      We spoke to RnB Vine Days artist and TLC legend T-Boz.

      Amos gave an interesting insight about the interpretation of Aussies in USA.

      Find out why acting star Chris Hemsworth is quitting the mighty role of Thor.

      With soaring temperatures in Adelaide we find out what the heat ruined.

      We spoke about a Bride that is upset for the most unusual reason.

      Have you pulled a mate up for acting like a creep?

      Dad brain – we chat about the Dad who...



      Thursday 18th January 2018

      Angus hosted a charity event and claims that the legend Tony Modra was tightarse – what a backlash.

      Amos gave out controversial advice to callers.

      Should we ban the “wolf whistle”?

      The CrossFit Gym instructor Tom Tomlo has been slammed for posting Instagram posts of gym members in compromising positions with emojis.

      The Outback Wrangler Matt Wright joins the team for a chat about all things wild.

      Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall was...



      Wednesday 17th January 2018

      Phil Liggett phoned and shared everything TDU and even had a go at rapping.

      Stats have been released…is there a man drought in Adelaide?

      Amos is very opinionated about Adelaide architecture.

      The team discuss why major artists don’t come to Adelaide.

      Angus discovers his local library.

      Does your profession give the perception that you’re hotter?



      Tuesday 16th January 2018

      Hughesy called up to talk about the new drive show starting Monday.

      Over half Aussies lie when they are pulling sickies.

      Amos takes his social experimenting to the next level.

      Amos reveals his home remedy when he crushed his toe.

      Has your Dad refused to go to your wedding?

      We chatted to the first Gay marriage couple from Adelaide.

      Cat reveals what happened to her in Cuba.



      Monday 15th January 2018

      The Bachelor’s Matty J and Laura were in studio and we asked them some grueling relationship questions.  

      Has Cat found love? She was recently in the US – all is revealed!

      Angus reveals why his Mayan massage went so wrong. 

      Amos chatted about his flight home from the US. 

      Bomber Thompson was in the spotlight following drug dealing tenants and callers weighed in what happened to your rental property? 




      Friday 8th December 2017

      Final 2017 Rap Battle
      When were you cropped out of the photo?
      Ho Ho Hotline
      Producer Tahni’s wrap-up rap
      What were you forced to do because you were busting?
      Dr Dre Compton Poster Giveaway
      Angus’ Scuba Diving Update
      Penny Wong
      What happened to your house when you went on holidays?
      What we’ve learnt this year



      Thursday 7th December 2017

      Worst Christmas gifts you’ve received
      Where did everybody get sick at the same time?
      Matty J
      A very special final Morning Glory
      Ho Ho Hotline
      Jimmy Carr
      Sound Producer Timmy doesn’t know the date of Christmas Day
      What have you seen someone doing in their car?
      Sexy Accents 



      Wednesday 6th December 2017

      Is your job holding you back from finding you love?
      Channing Tatum’s public love posts
      Did you get angry when they didn’t propose?
      Amos’ Air BnB guests
      Who ripped you off?
      Ho Ho Hotline



      Tuesday 5th December 2017

      Do men lie twice as much as women?
      When were you busted doing the wrong thing in uniform?
      Ho Ho Hotline
      Bitcoin Expert Graham Cooke
      When did your friend ruin your holidays?
      Alpha bucks – 10K WINNER!
      Am I a bad dad?
      What made us dump this caller?
      Our final Do You Mind If I Ask – Amos Cat and Angus