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 2018-09-21  43m

Angus' Catfish - The Worst Interview Moments - What Was Your Great Discovery?

Today on the Show:  Angus' Catfish replay  Do you mind if I ask: Amos, Cat & Angus  What have you tried for the first time as an adult?  Worst interview moments  Jamie-Lee - The Bachelor  What was your great discovery?  Kids thoughts on Amos, Cat & Angus photos


 2018-09-20  43m

The Final Ask Amos! - Hard Chat With Tom Gleeson - When Did A Nude Get You In Trouble?

Today on the Show:  Ask Amos  Cat's relationship montage  Tom Gleeson hard chats Amos, Cat & Angus  Thoughts on Stormy Daniels  When did a nude get you in trouble?  Benji - Survivor Cat is the Miranda from Sex and the City  Whose movie line is it anyway? Caller memory - Michael 


 2018-09-19  42m

Cat's Ultimate Why Why Why What For List! - What Food Trends Do You Hate? - Paris Hilton Interview

Today on the Show Why why why what for?  Caller memory - Diane  Hughesy Tuesdee What food trends do you hate?  Paris Hilton interview  When did you quit halfway through?  Survivor - Mat  "Stashing"  Billboard singles best moments  Strawberry needles  Whose movie line is it anyway? 


 2018-09-18  44m

Ur Boy Bangz Is Back! - Punday Monday - Did You Break Up Over Them Playing Video Games?

Today on the Show:  Ur Boy Bangz  Cat's car  Parents - when did you chuck it or smash it?  Caller memory - Kev  Angus' bucks day  Whose movie line is it anyway?  SANFL Did you break up over them playing video games?  Punday Monday 


 2018-09-17  40m

Top 5 Fridays: Dog Breeds - What Did You Fake? - Seen A Celeb In A Regular Place?

Today on the Show:  Top 5 Fridays: Dog Breeds  Tenille - The Bachelor  What did you fake?  Amos' long bike ride  Cat's getting honest  Are you a bloke who was shamed by a bloke for not being a bloke?  Celebs iin regular places? 


 2018-09-14  36m

Naming Your Dog A Human Name? - Amos & Deanna From The Bachelor Hooked Up? - What Did You Find In Your Food?

Today on the Show:  Naming your dog a human name?  Ronny Chieng interview  Denna from the Bachelor and Amos hooked up?  What did you find in your food?  Angus' text break up  What body part do you hate? 


 2018-09-13  36m

Did They Leave You For Your Sibling? - Ask Amos - What Did You Steal From Work?

Today on the Show:  Ask Amos  What was your grandparents savage put-down?  Nut scandal  Gamle Breaux - The Real Housewives of Melbourne  Serena Williams cartoon  Did they leave you for your sibling? Ronaldo's antics  What did you steal from work? Royal down under tour 


 2018-09-12  41m

Why Why Why What For: Pointless Research Studies? - What Was The Creative Proposal? - Hughesy Tuesdee

Today on the Show:  Why why why what for: pointless research studies  What was the creative proposal?  Hughesy Tuesdee  What lengths did you go to find them?  Robbie - Survivor  What was your valuable find? 


 2018-09-11  37m

Lily Allen Interview - What did You Throw Out In Frustration? - Where Did You Give Birth?

Today on the Show:  Lily Allen interview  What did you throw out in frustration?  Sean Fewster - Adelaide is Australias murder capital?  Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Podcast  Serena Williams spit  Should phones be banned?  Where did you give birth?  Haysey - cow poo 


 2018-09-10  45m