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The Columbus, Ohio, area is one the nation’s most-promising cities. Its job market is growing faster than the national average. The metro area of more than 1.9 million residents is home to 15 Fortune 1000 corporations. It hosts one of the U.S.’s largest academic powers in Ohio State University and counts 23 college campuses in its neighborhoods. Columbus Business First covers the region’s dynamic business community with the most authoritative report found in Columbus, and its news staff analyzes and provides insights into the business and economic developments that keep the city abuzz.

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episode 49: Women of Influence. Cheryl Stauffer, Crimson Design Group

Cheryl Stauffer's business had it's best year ever in 2020. But, as with many companies, it looked a little different than the norm. Historically, Stauffer said, commercial clients represented the lion's share of Crimson Design Group's work. But as people settled in to a new normal of spending nearly every hour of every day at their homes, they realized those surroundings could be in need of an upgrade. "It was a crazy year for us...



episode 48: Women of Influence: Vickie Thompson-Sandy, The Buckeye Ranch

Moving, whether it be to a new house or a new office, is always overwhelming. Add in widespread business shutdowns amid a rapidly spreading pandemic, and you've got a recipe for some serious stress. That's what happened to Vickie Thompson-Sandy, who was wrapping up her first year as CEO of The Buckeye Ranch and readying to shepherd the nonprofit's move to a new headquarters when the coronavirus pandemic hit...



episode 47: Women Of Influence: Luconda Dager, Velvet Ice Cream

There were times, over the past few months, that Luconda Dager didn’t want to get out of bed. Dager is president of Velvet Ice Cream, and the Utica-based company was outsourcing ice cream production to three partners in the Midwest. The shift followed a listeria scare in April, discovered via the company’s routine testing. It’s also part of an effort to boost capacity after strong demand in 2020...


 2021-09-10  20m

episode 46: Women of Influence: Lori Duncan, Nocterra Brewing

Lori Duncan wasn't exactly sure what to do with her fine arts degree from Ohio State University. So she went rafting. Professionally. Duncan spent her post-college years as a whitewater rafting guide in West Virginia, filling her time during the winter months working in the ski industry. After nearly a decade, she realized it was time to get a "real job," a decision that led her to Columbus' retail industry. But that's not where her journey ended...


 2021-07-16  19m

episode 11: Newsmakers: Robotics company's path from basement to $56 million VC investment

The client wanted the impossible: Give a robot all the skills of a human welder. Five years ago a custom automotive and marine supplier in Cleveland asked what was then an engineering consulting firm to help him with a labor shortage, and Path Robotics Inc. was born. "The tolerances are incredibly tight, that you have to keep with welding," co-founder and CEO Andy Lonsberry said...


 2021-06-25  43m

episode 45: Women of Influence: Robbie Banks, Columbus Partnership, On speaking up when you're the only woman of color at the table

Early on in Robbie Banks' career, she grew used to being in rooms where she was the only woman, the only young person, and often, the only person of color. Banks, the new program director for diversity, equity and inclusion for the Columbus Partnership, is now helping Columbus' private sector build more racial equity inside their organizations...


 2021-06-11  35m

episode 10: Newsmakers: 30 years of evolution for Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea

It’s almost hard to believe there was a time when good coffee just wasn’t a thing. But it wasn’t that long ago. Greg Ubert was working in computer software in the late 1980s, but what really captured his imagination was coffee — real, good coffee; the art and science of roasting. And, of course, the potential for business. “Good coffee just wasn’t widely available,” he said. “It wasn’t around. It wasn’t accessible...


 2021-06-01  32m

episode 9: Newsmakers: North Country Charcuterie builds a broader, better balanced business

Count North Country Charcuterie among those businesses that are wiser and more efficient at this point in the pandemic. The Columbus-based maker and processor of salami, fresh sausage and other products has used new offerings to make a better-balanced business and refigured production space to better maximize its use. The moves create more consistent cash flow and buy them more time in their current facility before they need to consider an expansion...


 2021-05-18  25m

episode 8: Newsmakers: Harley Blakeman's journey from homeless criminal to startup founder

Harley Blakeman's LinkedIn profile is one of a kind, but he's working to change that. The founder of Columbus tech company Honest Jobs LLC lists one prior job and the book he wrote, then drops this attention grabber: "Drug dealer, January 2009 - November 2010.""Started with $500 and grew the business to over $8,000/month in revenue," reads the description for the self-employed role. "Met and exceeded customer expectations. Successfully managed multiple suppliers. .....


 2021-04-19  50m

episode 44: Women of Influence: LC Johnson, Zora's House, On building community and following your dreams

When LC Johnson was thinking of launching her organization Zora's House, she was balancing two competing feelings. On the one hand, she was feeling burned out from years of being an entrepreneur, but being a relatively new resident to the city, she deeply desired to build a community for other Black women and women of color in Columbus. "I was really starting to look for community," said Johnson, in the latest episode of our Women of Influence podcast...


 2021-03-27  41m