Ceti Alpha 3: A Star Trek Podcast

Darren, Daniel, and Phillip are marooned on Ceti Alpha 3 with only their expansive knowledge of Star Trek, and a sense of humor, to keep them alive. Join the trio as they discuss 50 years of Trek TV series and feature films.


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233 - Double Double Dooplers

"Lower Decks" - An Embarrassment of Dooplers There's a lot of duplication going on with the Cerritos - and maybe it's the plot lines? A crazy occurrence with the bridge crew provides the background to this episode featuring a Boimler/Mariner...



232 - Miracle Shuttles

“Lower Decks” - Mugato, Gumato. It’s time to bring back a TOS-era “monster,” the Mugato! The trio look at his Boimler, Rutherford, and Mariner tackle some “Last Outpost”-type Ferengi and … really earn that “SV” rating. They also chat about Tendi’s...



231 - Paris Plates

"Lower Decks" - We'll Always Have Tom Paris They got our e-mails! Or at least listened to our podcasts. Okay, maybe the writers of "Lower Decks" just know what they are doing. But the third episode of season two finally brings "new pairings" for our...



230 - The Collectors Edition Rewatch

“Lower Decks” - Kayshon, His Eyes Open. The animated adventures of the USS Cerritos continue with the introduction (or even “re-introduction”) of new characters, the parallel stories of the trio on the California-class ship and Ensign Boimler on the...



229 - I Love My Job

"Lower Decks" - Strange Energies It's back! The wacky crew of the starship Cerritos returns in their second season opener with an episode that catches up new viewers and entertains existing fans. The trio look at how a mostly Boimler-less episode...



228 - The Bat'leth in the Boulder

Phillip, Daniel and Darren discuss what the rest of the core crew members in Star Trek: The Next Generation may be up to during the time of Picard. How might we see these characters and their interactions with the new crew and story coming in Season 2.



227 - The Despicable Cardassians

David Warner in Trek David Warner is an accomplished actor, in both the U.S. and U.K., who has portrayed many dramatic characters, especially those in sci-fi/fantasy genres. He memorably appears three times in the Trek franchise - "Star Trek V: The...


 2021-08-15  48m

226 - New Trek Trailers

New Trek Animation. It’s time for season two of “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” and the trio couldn’t be more excited. And waiting in the wings is one the newest editions to the franchise - “Star Trek: Prodigy.” The trio look over the latest news concerning...


 2021-08-06  1h0m

225 - Discovery Wish List

Discovery Season Four Wish List New episodes in the Star Trek franchise will begin this fall - and we're excited. It won't be long until season four of "Star Trek: Discovery" drops - and the trio have created a "wish list" for all the main (and...


 2021-08-01  54m

224 - New Trek Fan Playlists

Fan Set Pitches. For those Trek fans who shopped during the “peak” DVD era, we remember the various themes, characters, etc. used to bundle together episodes from across similar and separate series. In the age of streaming, it’s a lot easier to pick a...


 2021-07-23  53m