Ceti Alpha 3: A Star Trek Podcast

Darren, Daniel, and Phillip are marooned on Ceti Alpha 3 with only their expansive knowledge of Star Trek, and a sense of humor, to keep them alive. Join the trio as they discuss 50 years of Trek TV series and feature films.


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145 - Spacesonian

The Future of the Enterprise-E. Jean-Luc Picard will return to the small screen in 2020, and fans will get answers to a lot of “What happened to...?” questions. One of those questions is, What happened to the Enterprise-E? Is it still in service?...



144 - Q&A on Q&A

Star Trek Universe Updates It's been a busy fall for the Star Trek franchise! More details have come out about the beginning of "Star Trek: Picard" and season three of "Star Trek: Discovery." The second season of Short Treks has begun, with the...



143 - Decker's Vacated Quarters

Are They Really That Bad? - Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It's the 40th anniversary of Star Trek's first movie - and there are mixed feelings. Franchise fans are glad that TMP led to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, eventually creating many movies...



142 - Suicide Squad 31

Building a Star Trek Suicide Squad There are many heroes in Star Trek, as well as many villains. Then there are those characters who are a bit more grey, or maybe just evil, but who we love to watch. The trio examine which of these characters in the...



141 - Side Quests

“Episodic” Episodes. ​The Star Trek television franchise has evolved its storytelling format over several decades. In many ways, one can watch episodes of The Original Series in almost any order whilst doing the same with Discovery would cause mass...


 2019-09-16  1h2m

140 - The Burden

Command Styles Over the centuries, Starfleet has produced a variety of leaders with a different command styles. How distance are you from the crew? How accessible are you do junior officers? The trio looks at how Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and...


 2019-09-09  57m

139 - Livingston the 25th

Proposed “Star Trek: Picard” Cameos “Picard” has already teased us the familiar faces: Data, Seven of Nine, and Hugh will be back on television. The trio dives deep into Legacy Trek for other characters who could show up - the more obscure, the...


 2019-08-30  53m

138 - Don't Break My House

In Focus: "Star Trek: Beyond" The trio tackles the third (and final?) installment in the Kelvin-verse film franchise - what is the verdict on "Star Trek: Beyond"? Kirk and company find themselves without a ship and stranded on a planet (much like...


 2019-08-23  1h5m

137 - Picard Primer

The Picard Primer. There’s a lot new and old fans can do to prepare for the 2020 premiere of “Star Trek: Picard.” The trio sip some Earl Grey and put on their too short robes to discuss the pivotal episodes/movies that help establish this new series....


 2019-08-17  59m

136 - Klingon Batman

The Symbols of Trek. The universe of Star Trek offers a myriad of cultures, races, and more. Each of those alien species offers various logos and symbology that makes them unique. The trio looks at those symbols - how well do they represent their...


 2019-08-10  54m